Political Scoundrels and Slip of Tongue

Even a decade back, there was no room for political monkeys to entertain the like-minded political inmates and supporters in Bangladesh. But now, strangely enough, entertainer political monkeys are increasingly becoming prominent and vocal in the country, which not only is damaging the very dignity of democracy and democratic institutions, but also leaving rather alarming signal to the entire nation that possibly in the near future, we are going to be ruled (actually screwed) by these extremely cheap and even vulgarly political characters.

Few weeks back, when the grand-flopped commerce minister was asked about his   initiatives in controlling the exorbitant rise in the prices of essentials, he suggested the nation to eat less. Since then, he is known in the country as Mr. Eat Less! And almost subsequently, when the finance minister was asked to comment on the reasons behind such rocket-high rise in the prices of essentials, he issued his own-styled idiotic sermon to the nation of skipping a day in the week from going to the market.

Should anyone ask me, if these two ministers are aliens from other space, who has no minimum sense of their own responsibility as well as any respect for the people, who actually voted them in power, with all my humbleness, I must say, once elected to power, the ruling segment of the politicians love to consider the citizen as mere duffers and inferior grade of species if not slaves.

The current finance minister in the Awami League government was appointed in the same post just two odd decades back by the military dictator General Hussain Muhammad Ershad. But, within months of appointing the wrong man in the most sensitive and important post, clever Ershad quickly shunted him out and replaced with matured  individual like M. Saiduzzaman, who possibly is considered to be one of the most successful finance ministers after M. Saifur Rahman.

According to psychologists and neurologists, when human brain stops properly functioning, it leaves signals on the body language of the very individual. Look into the body language of the grand flop minister Faruk Khan or AMA Muhit. When they speak, their face moves and rotates almost in such uncontrolled manner, that many people simply push the mute button of their TV sets to enjoy the sarcastic physical exercise of these honorable individuals.

There is one more spokesperson of the ruling party! Suranjit Sen Gupta, who tried frantically to send both Sheikh Hasina and Khaleda Zia into political exile, and wanted to stage a coup right inside Bangladesh Awami League, has now become increasingly active in issuing numerous statements, mostly attacking the political opponents, thus contributing in complicating the already troubled politics and democracy in Bangladesh. Body language of this man is such entertaining that; he would rather fit in the chimp cage inside the National Zoo instead of National Parliament. It is quite easily assumed and understood that, most of the ruling party members and supporters are feeling proud seeing their extremely vocal colleague attacking the opposition parties in his own-styled delivery of sentences through chewing his jaws and exhibiting the segments of already yellowed teeth. But, what they never realize or even remember is, this man was the Mr. Desperado in killing the political career of Bangladesh Awami League chief Sheikh Hasina. Thanks to Bangladeshi broadcast law that it does not block horrific and horror-alike jaw-chewing practices of politicians like Suranjit Sen Gupta. If Mr. Gupta is unwilling to buy my comment, I would humbly suggest him to record the videos of his own statements and show it to his grand kids. Statutory warning – please never forget to keep the ambulance at your car porch! Each time I watch Gupta on TV screen, it reminds me of the Darwin’s theory of evolution. If Darwin was still alive, he would have jumped from his chair chanting Eureka-Eureka seeing the living evidence of his theory.

This Gupta is also known amongst many of the Awami Leaguers as Mr. Conspirator. Wish the chief executive of the government would at least for a while realize the ulterior motives of this man, who is repeatedly trying to push the opposition political parties into point of no return, possibly with the wild dream of returning Bangladesh  into a very chaotic situation. It should be always remembered that a conspirator-poisonous soul never changes, and this ‘Mr. Conspirator’ is not going to give up his dream of riding on the top most position of Bangladesh Awami League. People like him are nothing but Frankenstein, if not snake in the sleeve. Wish those in power would ever realize!

With such bunch of entertaining species, the ruling party is actually getting sunk into the ocean of failures. Economy of the country is at the verge of collapsing. The government is surviving on borrowing roughly US$ 15 million each day from the financial institutions, thus pushing the fate of four state-owned banks into possible extinction. World Bank and International Monetary Fund have already shut their windows of financial aid to Bangladesh. Inflow of foreign currency is declining fast. Thousands of expatriate Bangladeshis are returning home by losing jobs. There had not been any good news of creating any new avenue of exporting manpower to any of the countries. There is virtually no foreign investment in Bangladesh for multiple reasons.

Parliament has already turned greatly lifeless at the prolonged absence of the members in the opposition bench. Media is already terrified with constant threats of intimidation as well as fresher initiative of the government in formulating laws to suffocate the freedom of expression. Murder, abduction, rape, disappearance, robbery, extortion and other forms of crimes are already hitting the highest ever record in country’s history. Stock market is already clinically dead at the extreme manipulation of some ruling-party blessed individuals. With all these ground realities, I sincerely fear, if these entertaining characters in Bangladeshi politics would soon journey towards large-sized cages under any unexpected or unimaginable situation that we hate to see again.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is globally renowned Anti-Jihadist Journalist, Columnist, author & Peace Activist. He is the Editor of “Weekly Blitz” and “Daily Frontline”. He is the recipient of PEN USA Freedom to Write Award 2005, AJC Moral Courage Award 2006, Key to the Englewood City, NJ, USA [Highest Honor] 2007; Monaco Media Award, 2007. He can be reached at salahuddinshoaibchoudhury@yahoo.com

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