Radical Islam wings in the West

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‘Islam will dominate the world’ is the perception planted into the minds of a large number of Muslims around the world. Radical Islam is already spreading wings in the Western nations – silently but – steadily. Young people are becoming a primary target of radical Islam and the most alarming fact is – the Western nations are going under a massive threat of terror simply because radical Islam is spreading and the commanders of such heinous acts are none but the Muslim immigrants. According to counterterrorism specialists, social media networks like Facebook, for example, are being used by the radicalized Muslims in radicalizing another Muslim and then turning them into lone wolves. Muslim females wearing hijab or burqa may not be seen as a threat to the West, but in reality, beneath such radical costumes, they are hiding extreme hatred – hatred against Jews and Christians and non-Muslims and even anti-militancy Muslims. In their eyes, all of these segments of the society are ‘enemies of Allah’! In addition to the social media, there are currently over 54 thousand websites, spreading the poisonous seeds of radical Islam amongst the people and transforming them from humans to beasts.

In most of the Muslim nations, radical Islam is finding a breeding ground. We can take the example of Bangladesh – the second largest Muslim country in the world. Since 2013, Islamic terrorists have killed over 50 people including atheist bloggers, academics, gay activists, religious minorities, and foreigners. In the absence of a peaceful political culture, religious extremists have asserted their calls for a sharia-based Islamic state. The ruling Bangladesh Awami League saved face after global criticism by launching a security crackdown and killed about 50 militants including top leaders and arresting dozens.

Bangladesh now has its own homegrown militant groups, such as Jamaatul Mujahidin or Ansar Al Islam. But there are also transnational jihadist groups such as Islamic State and Al-Qaeda — that ideologically influence them.

More disturbingly, these groups have international financial backing, especially from some Arab and Persian nations, where the extremist version of Islam, is practiced. The Saudis have sent billions of dollars to Bangladesh since the 1970s, funding thousands of radical mosques and madrasas, the primary breeding grounds for militancy. Similarly, Iran has been spending hugely in getting Bangladeshis radicalized. The difference of ideology between the Arabs and Iran are – the Arabs are actually planting the poison of political and radical Islam and are trying to turn every Muslim into another Osama Bin Laden [male and female version], while Iran has been actively promoting antisemitism and especially anti-Israel notion amongst the Muslims. In both cases, ultimately every radicalized Muslim turns into a time bomb, posing grave threat to global security.

Koran has turned into a book of terrorism:

Every radicalized Muslim will quote verses of Koran, especially Verse Tawba [Repentance], where the Muslims are asked to wage jihad [holy war] against Jews and Christians [in particular] and kill them at sight. Jihadist group will always use these Koranic verses initially in generating hatred within the minds of the Muslims and then transform them into monsters. A radically Muslim – men and women – will always be ready in sacrificing their lives and embrace ‘martyrdom’ and enjoy ‘eternal luxury and amusement’ in the next life. But, none of the Muslim women know, the Koran does not offer any reward to the women. In each of the verses of the Koran, there are narrations of luxuries and leisure in the heavens – such as 72-virgins [Huries] or young boys [Gilmans], who are ‘eagerly awaiting’ for the Muslim men and offer them all forms of sexual pleasures. In the Arab societies, sodomy [with young boys] is more popular than regular sexual intercourse between men and women.

If any of the Islamic scholars will be asked as to why Koran does not offer anything for the Muslim females, they will try to either avoid replying to this question or will suddenly turn mad and quickly label the questioner as infidel or apostate. The key reason behind such reaction is, those scholars clearly know this discrimination and they too are even in dark about what Allah has for the ‘virtuous’ women in their next lives. There are similar confusions in many of the Koranic verses, which remain unchallenged, simply because, almost 99.99 percent of the Muslims hardly know the meaning of the Arabic scripts they read. To them, reciting [not understanding] the Koranic verses are an act of extreme virtue. They also consider Hadith [Sayings of the Prophet of Islam] as an integral part of Koran, although there are tremendous controversies centering the Hadiths. It must be mentioned here that Hadith was not compiled or written during the lifetime of the Prophet Mohammad. Those were written decades after his demise mostly by some people who had never seen him.

Crook clergymen take the advantage of the ignorance of Muslims on the meaning of Koranic verses and circulate self-concocted interpretation of it.

How radical Islam spreading in the West?

Initially, though it was spreading through Tablighi Jamaat, nowadays each of the mosques and Muslim centers in the Western nations has turned into the breeding grounds of radical Islam. Men and women, attending these places for daily prayers, or at least Friday prayers and misled with the message of extremism and terrorism. Almost in all of the Friday prayers, in particular, the clergymen will certainly read-out sermon proclaiming Jews and Christians as the ‘enemies of Allah’, meaning every Muslim will conceive the dangerous perception of considering the Jews and Christians as their prey and would consider such attitude and noble and virtuous. In fact, mosques and Muslim centers are transforming any Muslim into predator as well as the lone wolf.

Policymakers in the West either are ignorant of these bitterest facts or they are purposefully turning blind eyes as because they do not want to lose their Muslim vote banks. If every Muslim man and woman, especially those growing beard and or wearing burqa or hijab at put under surveillance – it can save the Western nations from potential security threats and hazards.

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