Bangladesh General Election – Sting Operation reveals Autocracy of Sheikh Hasina

A political sting task by Times of Assam, that was led from the August of this year, has revealed the anti-democratic practice of Awami League ruled government.

In the political sting-operation, Times of Assam dug into Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s administration and found several autocratic ruling, bias propaganda, counterfeit news, and life threats to any individual who talks against Hasina government.

The Political Sting Operation uncovers that ‘fabricated propaganda’ is arranged by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and some Bangladeshi Army authorities faithful to her.

Times of Assam utilized one Bangladeshi journalist close to Prime Minister Hasina to reach the operational objective.

A brief from political sting task:

– Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) is under control of Sheikh Hasina to hinder any online URL or domain that publishes against the Awami League and its boss Hasina. BTRC has just gone about as requested on December 09. (Ref 1).

– Sheikh Hasina and Army officials (loyal to the Prime Minister) using fabricated documents and materials to interface their adversary party BNP with militants. Times of Assam has all the proof of ‘fabricated propaganda’ against Awami League’s political rival Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

– Sheikh Hasina and her reliable armed force authorities constrained most Bangladeshi media to act to support her. The Bangladeshi DGFI, under the order of Hasina, is controlled to act at any dimension to pick up Awami League’s triumph.

– Manufactured and paid news is being circled connecting BNP leaders and members are having a connection with Pakistani spy agency ISI.

– A manufactured telephonic discussion is coursed arranging to demonstrate that BNP leaders are taking help of Pakistan and China.

– Failing to gain help from the US President Donald Trump, Sheikh Hasina party is compelling and paying Bangladeshi and some non-Bangladeshi media to depict the BNP is under control of Islamic militancy outfits.

– The Sheikh Hasina administration projected their trained Bangladeshi agents to spread terror in India, America, Canada, France, and Israel.

– DGFI trained Rohingya militants (who fled to Bangladesh after Burmese army’s operation) and projected to spread terror activity in India, Myanmar, US, France, and Israel.

– Every mission, under the order of Sheikh Hasina, is being controlled by Bangladesh Prime Minister’s Defense and Security Adviser retired Major General Tarique Ahmed Siddique and a Bangladeshi journalist who once imprisoned under BNP drove government.

Times of Assam will continue reports assembled from this sting activity.
Stay connected with Times of Assam for continuation.

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