Indian Economic slowdown – Look East & Ban West


As I pen this down, our Facebook walls are filled with jokes, quotes and anguish of how the Indian Economy is going to dogs, how rupees rises up only when Dhoni tosses the coin and how price rise is affecting all of us.

True, -If India would have been self-sufficient, the dollar value would have not affected any common Indian in this country. The price of every basic necessity for every Indian,- whether it is price of Onions, Food grains, Fish or potatoes, – everything rises up just because of the transportation cost involved in moving those Onions from Nashik to Bengal, food grains from Punjab to Orissa or truckloads of fishes from Andhra to Assam. After all, India and everyone else pays in Dollars to purchase those barrels of Oil from the Arab world.

The mother of all economic problems

The United Stated of America could use their muscle power and get all Arabian Countries to sell Oil for Dollars only as a common currency. With all the recent unrests taking place in the Arabian world (all funded, supported and created by US & its western allies), the price of Oil would easily go on increasing and this is where US is reaping off the benefits. Oil would after all, be sold for Dollars. Being the eternal slave of the west, the Indian Government could never even think of influencing back America, or the Arabian Countries to sell Oil to India for Rupees. This is where India has lost the entire hope of a better future. That matter, India is easy in a worse condition than Arabian countries for ever.

Now, there were also days and periods in the past where the price of Petrol and Diesel decreased. But that never decreased the costs of anything else, – food grains, eggs, vegetables or anything else that we need to survive. This is majorly because the Indian Politicians control the Transport Syndicate across the country, whether millions of rupees are going into hands of these politicians through means of illegal syndicates, Hafta wasooli or Goonda Tax. The folks who run these business have to make amends to these losses after all, and high sales price of those commodities could alone keep them in business.

Do we really need to fear a rising Dollar?

The IT-ITES or BPO industry of India are the first ones to be happy with the rising cost as their profits have increased by getting paid with dollars. The rest of India is unhappy but who are those who needs to be unhappy?

The Indian Government has, like a true slave of US made all possible pacts with the American Capitalists so that they could sell their goods and products here. Let us look around carefully – we will easily notice that every commodity that American companies sell here are Luxury Items and never anything that is a basic requirement. Smart phones, beauty cosmetics, Cold drinks & other beverages and everything else including the Apples (replacing the Kashmiri Apples in the market) that America or the West sells to India are for the rich man. These are not items that can ever be afforded by over 40 crore population of India who live below the poverty line. Not even for the 80 crores of Indians living on an earning of less than 20 rupee per day. Yet these crores of family all equally have to suffer and bear the cost of the Dollar rise simply because India has sold their hunger to bring comfort to the rich man. Ever wondered why Maoists in India have taken up guns? If this is not the reason, then what?

Who can save the Indian economy?

No, the chants of NaMo cannot. Whether it is the roaring Modi of BJP or the timid Congress Prince, none can save Indian economy because both parties (and any other party) look out only to the west. At every single opportunity, both Manmohan Singh and Rajnath Singh flies off miles across the Oceans to flatter their White Lords, but none gives a damn about the immense potential just a drive away from Indian borders towards the east.

If Indian economy is ever to be saved, it has to be Look East, the way Late Parag Kumar Das had suggested in his banned book Economy of Independent Assam. India has to boost mutual trade with the low cost markets of South East Asia (which can be easily accessible with roads) rather than depending on the useless glamour of the west. If this is not adopted, none can save us. Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore are booming with economic wealth but untapped by India. Unfortunately none of the parties busy in growth, temple or secular politics even notices it.

The price of rising onions can be easily controlled. If everyone simply stops buying onions, the price WILL definitely come down. This is the method Gandhi preached in his Swadeshi movement. Similarly, if we simply shut the doors to the West and embrace the east, Indian economy has the potential to destroy the power of dollar and develop into a self-sustained super power. But do we have the will and the guts to do this?

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Indian Economic slowdown – Look East & Ban West

By: Priyankan Goswami Read time: 14 min