Fact Check – Actress cum Model Koena Mitra tweets ‘Jinnah and Rahul Gandhi is Terrorist’

Kolkata born actress cum model Koena Mitra, on Thursday, tweeted a picture as a part of Rahul Gandhi’s rally in Kerala and wrote, ‘First partition was done by Terrorist Jinnah, Next could be Rahul Gandhi.’

Archived link of the tweet is here WAYBACK Time Machine.

In the same tweet, Koena Mitra also wrote, ‘Islamic flags welcomed him to #Kerala’.

Times of Assam team performed a fact-check and found that the picture is nohow related with Rahul Gandhi’s election rally.

Importantly Koena Mitra seems to be ignorant about Pakistani flag. She tweeted flag of ‘Indian Union Muslim League’ (IUML) as Pakistani flag.

Let’s have a look at the flags.

Pakistani flag

Flag of Pakistan

(Source: Wikipedia)

Indian Union Muslim League

Flag of the Indian Union Muslim League

(Source: Wikipedia)

Furthermore, the technical investigation with fact-check method found that the origin photo was clicked by one ‘T Mohandas’ in January 2016. ‘India Today’ magazine published a piece of news on January 30, 2016, with that photo. Archived Link here.

Koena Mitra, who claims herself as an Actor and a degree holder of ‘Psychology’ acted in some Bollywood film, started deleting her old tweets as Twitter users archived her tweets.

Twitter, the most popular micro-blogging website has acted in favor of the ruling party as you can see ‘abusive tweets’ are never counted by Twitter as an act of ‘violation’ when it comes about ‘money game’ for Twitter.

Now, questions are left on Election Commission of India whether it counts this as ‘violation of modal conduct’ or not.

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