Anticipatory Self-Defense And Pendulum of World Order


By- Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury

Has the global population as yet been able responding to the decade-old calls of Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein of setting aside the strong feelings they hold on many issues and consider themselves as members of biological species? Are we, the members of the unique biological species called ‘human’ are more actively moving towards the directions, where on every day, we sense the threat of bloodshed in the name of self-defense or even war thus pushing the very fate of this beautiful planet into mere destructions? While the majority of the human population is vehemently against war, have we been able seeing the hegemonic power in the world, rather renouncing war? Eminent writer Noam Chomsky rightly said, “By now, the world’s hegemonic power accords itself the right to wage war at will, under a doctrine of anticipatory self-defense, with unstated bounds. International laws, treaties and rules of world order are sternly imposed on others with much self-righteous posturing, but dismissed as irrelevant for the United States – a long-standing practice, driven to new depths by Reagan and Bush II administration.”

Here, what I would like to say is, the attitude or political tendencies of Clinton or today’s Obama is no exception, if not even worst, where playing double-standard has become a regular phenomenon for the major players of today’s global politics. Would it not be more appropriate and appreciable if the holders of the status called super-power would apply themselves the same standards they do to others, if not more stringent one? Western intellectual culture, rather culture followed by the politicians is All for us and nothing for other people, which is the outcome of their Masters of Mankind tendency. When they deal with the leading topic of today’s world – terror, their notion is rather straight-forward, where terror against them is the ultimate evil and their hegemony or terror is entirely appropriate. Take into consideration the Washington’s war against Nicaragua in 1980, where soft-targets or civilians were allowed to be attacked and murdered during military offensives, for, what Washington interpreted as pouring democracy at the end, at the cost of ocean of civilian blood. Democracy itself has different interpretation in the codes of US elites. To them, burning the Islamic Holy book Quran by Pastor Terry Jones is treated as part of freedom of expression or democracy, while doing the same with Bible would be blasphemous. Many analysts believe that, politicians in US are suffering from bankruptcy of moral clarity or idealism. In the case of Quran burning by Terry Jones and his pall, if the US administration would have moved quickly in stopping him from burning the Holy Scripture, the subsequent unrest in the Muslim world and death of people could be easily avoided.

In March 2002, President George W Bush declared the creation of Millennium challenge Corporation with the objective of boosting funding to combat poverty in the developing world. The project had promised US$ 10 billion budget, when the MCC was created. But just in three years, in 2005, the administration of President Bush greatly reduced the budget, causing in resignation of the head of MCC, as it failed to get any of the projects moving. It happened, not only because of heavy slice on the promised budget, but visibly the government not disbursing almost anything into the fund of Millennium Challenge Corporation. The Bush administration even rejected the call from British Prime Minister Tony Blair to double aid to Africa and expressed willingness to join other industrial countries in cutting unplayable African debts only if aid was correspondingly reduced, moves that amount to a death sentence for more than six million Africans a year who die of preventable and treatable causes. In 2005, administration of President George W Bush suffered from severe dilemma on the issue of extraditing the most dangerous Latin American terrorist named Luis Posada Carriles to Venezuela to face charges of bombing a Cuban airline killing seventy-three people. The charges brought against Luis Posada were substantiated with specific evidences. But there was a major issue for Bush administration, which stopped them in accepting the Venezuelan call for extraditing Posada. The fact is, after Posada escaped Venezuelan prison, he was reportedly hired by covert operatives of United States to direct the resupply operation for the Nicaraguan contras from El Salvador. While refusing to extradite Luis Posada, the US Senate and Congress passed a bill barring US aid to any nation, which would refuse any requests of extradition from Washington. In this case, the US Senate and Congress upheld the doctrine saying “those who harbor terrorists are as guilty as the terrorists themselves”.

What we see in today’s United States, is a state patronized propaganda war or spread of hatred against Muslims and Islam as a whole. With the fact that US have a large number of Muslim populations, it would be really unjust and unkind to label every Muslim as jihadists while the Islam as a rogue religion. On the other hand, no one utters a word about terrorism by Christian extremists in many countries in the world. It should be mentioned here that, the very recent bomb blast at Oslo [for the first time in their history] was by a fanatic Christian. There are also Christian terrorism in Europe and American. In a 2005 Congressional hearing about radicalization in US prisons, Sheila Jackson Lee stated that investigators needed to analyze Christian militants in America because they might try to “bring down the country”.

Christian terrorism comprises terrorist acts by groups or individuals who claim the Christian motivations or goals for their actions. As with other forms of religious terrorism, Christian terrorists have relied on idiosyncratic or literal interpretations of the tenets of faith – in this case, the Bible. Such groups have used Old Testament and New Testament scriptures to justify violence and killing or to seek to bring about the end times described in the New Testament, while others have hoped to bring about a Christian theocracy. Beginning after the Civil War, members of the Protestant-led, Ku Klux Klan organization began engaging in arson, beatings, cross burning, destruction of property, lynching, murder, rape, tar-and-feathering, and whipping against African Americans, Jews, Catholics, and other social or ethnic minorities.

They were explicitly Christian terrorist in ideology, basing their beliefs on a religious foundation in Christianity. The goals of the KKK included, from an early time on, intent to, reestablish Protestant Christian values in America by any means possible, and believe that Jesus was the first Klansman. Their cross-burnings were conducted not only to intimidate targets, but to demonstrate their respect and reverence for Jesus Christ, and the lighting ritual was steeped in Christian symbolism, including the saying of prayers and singing of Christian hymns. Many modern Klan organizations, such as the Knights Party, USA, continue to focus on the Christian supremacist message, asserting that there is a war on to destroy western Christian civilization.

During the twentieth century, members of extremist groups such as the Army of God began executing attacks against abortion clinics and doctors across the United States. A number of terrorist attacks were attributed to individuals and groups with ties to the Christian Identity and Christian Patriot movements, including the Lambs of Christ. Groups called Concerned Christians were deported from Israel on suspicion of planning to attack holy sites in Jerusalem at the end of 1999, believing that their deaths would lead them to heaven. The motive for anti-abortionist Scott Roeder murdering Wichita doctor George Tiller on May 31, 2009 was a belief that abortion is criminal and immoral, and that this belief went hand in hand with his religious beliefs. The Centennial Olympic Park bombing in 1996, as well as subsequent attacks on an abortion clinic and a lesbian nightclub, were made by Eric Robert Rudolph; Michael Barkun, a professor at Syracuse University, considers Rudolph to likely fit the definition of a Christian terrorist, whereas James A. Aho, a professor at Idaho State University, argues instead that Rudolph was inspired only in part by religious considerations.

Hutaree was a Christian militia group based in Adrian, Michigan. In 2010, after an FBI agent infiltrated the group, nine of its members were indicted by a federal grand jury in Detroit on charges of seditious conspiracy to use of improvised explosive devices, teaching the use of explosive materials, and possessing a firearm during a crime of violence. Terrorism scholar Aref M. Al-Khattar has listed The Covenant, The Sword, and the Arm of the Lord, Defensive Action, The Freemen Community, and what Al-Khattar called the Christian militia that supported Timothy McVeigh, as groups that can be placed under the category of far-right-wing terrorism that has a religious (Christian) component.

There are currently a number of Islam hating groups and individuals in US, who are funding a project called Killing a Muslim through a fellow Muslim. Concept of this project is to provide finance to a Muslim, who would agree to kill a fellow Muslim. Such plans also include bombing mosques and Muslim dominated residential areas. No doubt, such ventures would sound extremely glamorous and attractive to a section of people in US, but, if someone will deeply scrutinize the ultimate motive of these people, will come to realize that, their sole intention is to destabilize the social harmony in United States as well turn America as the number one enemy of the Muslim world. Importantly enough, major segment of the Christian population in US as well as the entire Jewish community are always combating any such heinous activities such as Killing a Muslim through a fellow Muslim. It is only operated by a hand-picked number of so-called Christians, who also are Catholics. Dubious foreign funds are flowing into their hands for implementation of such plans. Those funders of these projects are using these agents inside US in continuing subversive activities, which would ultimately go against the interest of America.

Despite the fact of US administration’s double standard or their policy of anticipatory self-defense, it should be taken into consideration that the civilians in United States are not that much affected by any such fear. In fact, they too are victim of questioned policy of the politicians. Most importantly, it is high time for Washington to re-assess their policies, when their own economy is in trouble. They have no options left but to accept a plain fact that, economic strength is gradually slipping out of their grips. China, Japan, South Korea and India are already turning into the dominant players in today’s world economy. On the other hand, a number of Asian nations are no less influential militarily and in nuclear technology. The uni-polar world order is once again switching to bi-polar, if not multi-polar axis.

Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury is globally renowned Journalist, Columnist, author & Peace Activist. He is the Editor of “Weekly Blitz” and “Daily Frontline”. He is the recipient of PEN USA Freedom to Write Award 2005, AJC Moral Courage Award 2006, Key to the Englewood City, NJ, USA [Highest Honor] 2007; Monaco Media Award, 2007. He can be reached at [email protected]

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Anticipatory Self-Defense And Pendulum of World Order

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