Drishti Rajkhowa – ‘No surrender’, ‘Man in mission’ to eliminate former notorious leaders

In a recent report by Assamese daily ‘Dainik Janambhumi’ and news channel ‘News18 Assam’, it is rumored that most dreaded ULFA [I] leader Brigadier General Drishti Rajkhowa is coming overground soon and most of the official procedure is done with a surrendered ULFA leader of Tinsukia district.

Drishti Rajkhowa alias Manoj Rabha was recently ranked up as Brigadier General of the outfit as he holds the deputy ‘Chief of the Staff’ of the ‘military wing’ of the ULFA [I].

Drishti Rajkhowa alias Manoj Rabha, who is considered the most important hunt for security forces, even more, valuable than the outfit’s supremo Paresh Asom, is reported as suffering from critical illness by the local daily. The daily newspaper also reported that failing to combat illness, Drishti Rajkhowa is willing to surrender.

Most importantly, the outfit’s supremo Paresh Asom has not made any clarification regarding the news as the supremo is frequent to respond quickly via private news channels of the state.

Earlier in 2015 and 2016, the same news was published in Times of Assam, which was later refuted by ULFA[I] supremo Paresh Asom. But this time Paresh Asom has not made any clarification regarding the news, and that raised a million-dollar question.

As the news published and Paresh Asom maintained silence over the most questionable issue, Times of Assam team contacted several fellows related to the ‘OG cell’ of Drishti Rajkhowa. The outcome is more dreaded as Drishti himself.

As Paresh Asom is failing to stop continuous surrenders of ULFA [I] leaders and cadres after the Myanmar army’s operation against North Eastern Insurgents, Drishti Rajkhowa (Drishti Asom as mandated by the outfit) is given ‘freehand’ to stop this ‘surrender drive’. Drishti’s most trusted aide (name withheld for the safety of the person) said Times of Assam, “They are not aware of what they are doing. Indian intelligence is in their favor, but very soon people will witness massive stroke against notorious leaders Hazarika and Chawdang. All four of their teams are under the trap of Drishti. Note down. I … saying…”.

The same also revealed that such news is planned and executed by the deserted leaders of the former 28th battalion (disbanded in 2003) who are staging the ‘orchestrated surrenders’ of ULFA [I] leaders and cadres.

The person who exposed Drishti Rajkhowa’s strategic move was noted by the Intelligence Department of State and the central years back.

In 2017, Indian intelligence was in operation to ‘hunt Drishti’, but leaving a dramatic story as the result, Drishti stayed in South-Kamrup for his second baby’s birth. He escaped safely with his wife and newborn babe, furnishing a turmoil to intelligence.

More to say that in the last call by Drishti Rajkhowa to Times of Assam’s Chief Editor, he clearly said that he has ‘nothing to gain, nothing to lose, so no question to come back where none of his own lives.’

Drishti Rajkhowa was the second on the team led by late Tapan Baruah (founding commander of the 28th battalion), who succeeded to prevent ‘state-sponsored killings’ (secret killings in Assam) of family members and sympathizers of ULFA. The series of operations started from executing the then minister Nagen Sharma to several AGP-BJP leaders and several top cops and army officials.

It should be mentioned that ‘state-sponsored killers’ killed old aged parents of Drishti Rajkhowa in 1998. Since then Drishti has no house to return instead of ‘memory of late family’.

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