Face of ULFA Acting Chairman Revealed


Since the last few weeks, there have been huge speculations in Assam as to who actually is the new Acting Chairman of ULFA. With the formation of a new central committee of the outfit, it was declared that the new Acting Chairman of the outfit is one Dr. Abhizeet Bormon. It was a name even most middle level and previous senior-level members of the outfit have claimed to have never heard of! It is because the face behind the mystery was never in been in touch of any other cadre or leader except Paresh Baruah, Anup Chetia and Arabinda Rajkhowa. So long the Government, Army, Police, media and the general public, – all have been baffled. No one knew who this Abhizeet Bormon is, what his identity is, from where does he operate and what is his history.

From sources within the outfit and thorough investigations, it has been found that Dr. Abhizeet Bormon is none other but one Assamese Doctor in Cleveland of United Kingdom. This Doctor is long believed to run a frontal Organisation of the ULFA from the UK and has long been promoting the cause of Independent Asom through different activities and international journals on a global platform.

Known to be a close associate of the previous central leadership of ULFA including Arabinda Rajkhowa and C-in-C Paresh Baruah, this veteran Assamese Doctor is reported to have maintained close ties with Sikh and Kashmiri Secessionist leaders in the UK as well. As per sources, he was a close aide of Anup Chetia, General Secretary of ULFA and then became a close aide of Arabinda Rajkhowa also as well. In recent days, Paresh Baruah and this doctor is reported to be maintaining a close association with both of them known to be rigid supporters of Independent Assam.

The new Acting Chairman whose surname is Hazarika and residing in the UK(originally from Nagaon) had accompanied the ULFA leadership, on several occasions, to attend meetings in the United Nations at Geneva during the nineties. He is reported to have attended another seminar in the United Nations after the Bhutan War with ULFA. An important member of the People’s Consultive Group(PCG) had accompanied him to the UN that time and had succeeded in having the seminar done in spite of stiff opposition by Indian Government. A human right activist and strong in literature, this doctor is reported to be maintaining close ties with several international bodies and reputed personnel of global fame, including one Nobel peace prize winner, for promoting the cause of Sovereignty of Assam. It is also reported that this person has been long under the watch of Intelligence agencies and being aware of this, he has not visited his home back in Assam for more than a decade.

India so far had to use its diplomatic pressure only on countries like Bhutan, Myanmar, and Bangladesh for taming the militant outfit. At one end China is reported to have emerged as the new support to ULFA by providing shelter to Paresh Baruah and aiding the outfit with arms and ammunition, while now the new chairman of the outfit operating from the United Kingdom puts a new twist to the diplomatic relations between India and UK.

But would Indian Government be able to capture Paresh Baruah from China and the new acting chairman from the UK, is a question that needs to be raised. It is high time the insurgency at North East India is tamed and the problems due to which it rose solved amicably and honestly.

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Face of ULFA Acting Chairman Revealed

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 10 min