Full text of ULFA[I] Chairman’s Open Letter to Dalai Lama


Dalai Lama
Your Holiness Dalai Lama,

It is with deepest of regret rather than welcoming to my homeland Assam with open arms, I am having to address you with disdain, being a sincere admirer of your scholarship.

Your Holiness, Assam is of course not a strange place for you. I believe that, the day you stepped on to Assam’s soil in 1959 would be as fresh in your as if it was yesterday. It would have been it been wonderful if you would have stopped in Assam and fulfilled the prophecy of Guru Rinpoche Padmasambhaba and built the last vestige of Buddhist philosophy for all time in a Sovereign Independent Assam negotiating the restoration of Sovereignty of Assam from India, taking cognisance of the fact that the British Colonial power was very unfair not to restore the Assam’s Sovereignty in 1947 which passed to British East India Company by default. In contrast, a conquered Ava (Burma) although was ruled as a region under the Bengal Presidency has been returned to a Sovereign country by the same colonial power.

In the list of Indian illegal occupation is of course is Nan Zang (Southern Tibet).The cunning Indian Premier of the day, Neheru grabbed the opportunity of attempting to undo the acceptance of Tibet a part of China in 1951, made you a very special “Guest” in keeping with the scheme of things to keep NEFA [North Eastern Frontier Agency] ceded to British India by Tibetan emissary at Delhi without the knowledge and agreement of the Chinese imperial representative to the Simla conference of 1914. Despite the deceitful drawing of the McMahon line then, and your Holiness’s acceptance that your homeland is an autonomous region of China, you perpetrating the fallacy of 1914 by recently reiterating that Tawang belongs to India; If it is not double talk, what is it, your Holiness? I am really astounded that you have succumbed to appeasement from an eminent position you have in the world stage, to support India’s occupation of Nan Zhang.

Your Holiness, I believe you must be aware of the ancient Kham region of Yunan. You might as well be aware that is the reason of my country getting the name Assam today is from the Khamti word Ha-Kham. My organization , the United Liberation Front of Asom (Independent) is in the vanguard of returning Assam to her glorious past which our citizens desperately aspiring to achieve. As a Tibetan politician, not being a stranger to Assam and her history, I would urge you to acknowledge that Assam is an occupied land and her freedom should resonate with your Holiness. In 1959, you came down through one of the many tracks that have existed from the connectivity between ancient Tibet and Assam. It is a very important factor. Strategically Tibet has been described as the underbelly of China and Assam could be used as a spring board by the enemies of China in the event of hostilities against your country.

India’s military adventure against China is most likely will be in the form repetition of India’s aggression against China in 1962. Indian policy of hegemony and supremacy is raising its ugly head again. Hence, India is rebuffing China’s offer of peaceful settlement of the border discord which was also on offer from Premier Zhou Enlai [Chou en Lai ] in the 60’s.

Your Holiness’s unwise plan to go to Tawang despite China objecting to your visit is a great concern to us. Because the situation can escalate and China’s restraint not to have a military confrontation with India might be overridden by necessity and a war might become inevitable.

This time China is not fighting a rag-tag Indian military of 1962. India has kept her nuclear arsenal ready on Assam’s soil to use against your country. In neutralizing Indian military power China is also likely to unleash an immense counter offensive which will be a disaster for Assam. Moreover, your beloved Tibet also likely to suffer heavily from your host’s action.

Hence, if I may suggest, if your Holiness indeed decides to come to Assam, it is possible to turn it to an opportunity of an ambassador of peace and something meaningful to your legacy. However, the caveat we would like you to honour upon making the trip that nothing against China will be uttered by you in private or public; because China has always been a friendly neighbour of ours and the relationship between China and Assam is truly very deep in linguistic and cultural heritage of the two nations. We won’t tolerate India’s view to be propagated from Assam’s soil.

1. Looking at it optimistically, Your Holiness might consider reviving the Buddhist heritage of Assam which has contributed so much to Tibet of yore

A. The Hoygriva of Hajo need to be restored to Avalokiteśvara’s worship heritage of the Dolois of Assam.
B. The hidden history of Gautom Buddha and Hajo be brought to light so that Hajo gets the rightful place in Buddhism.
C. Fulfilling, Guru Riponche Padmasambhava’s prophecy with the help of the Buddhist world a Vihar be built to study the philosophy of Buddhism and study natural sciences.

2. Being a spiritual leader condemn India’s brutal oppression is Assam especially slaying of 855 students during the the democratic and non violent Assam Movements ’79 – ’85.

3. For the sake of the whole region, including Nan Zang, your Holiness could persuade India to restore the Sovereignty of Assam and the other bona fide Nations of the region including Sikkim.

I trust your Holiness will treat this appeal as an olive branch on behalf of the people of Assam and hope that you will
reciprocate the kindness and generosity bestowed upon you in 1959.

Wishing your Holiness a long life, peace and happiness.

Yours faithfully,

Dr. Abhizeet Asom
United Liberation Front of Asom [Independent]

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Full text of ULFA[I] Chairman’s Open Letter to Dalai Lama

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