Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma ruined my life : Amrit Bharadwaj


Himanta Biswa Sarma ruined life of Amrit BharadwajBy- Amir Zahedi

32 year old Amrit Bharadwaj a resident of Dhapkota Borhotro village under Pulibor has been declared by doctors of Guwahati Medical College as more than fifty percent disabled. Amrit’s condition wasn’t like this all through his years but until recently when he met with a bike accident one faithful night on 11th April, 2011 in front of M/S Pragati Motors showroom, Pulibor Jorhat.

Sustaining severe head injuries, Amrit was shifted to the Jorhat Medical College, where after preliminary investigation he was released by Dr Anshuman Hatimuria who declared the case as a minor accident with toxide injection, Betadine solution and Neosporin and advised him to take rest for a week. While family members claim that Amrit was bleeding profusely even after his release from JMCH Hospital but no medical attention was paid heed to when they made repeated requests. Next day after the bleeding stopped partially, Amrit found he was half paralytic in the right part of his body. As he raised a hue and cry seeing his right part completely in active, the family members decided to admit him to the Sanjivani Nursing Home where Dr Bhairav Sonowal referred him to Dibrugarh Medical College, where upon arrival, he was shifted to the ICU and was kept there for about a week. Upon release from Dibrugarh Medical College, Amrit soon realized the bitter truth of his life that he had been paralyzed because of the excessive bleeding from his head which the Government doctors didn’t care to investigate at the time of his admission. Soon he lost hearing of his right ear and lost almost ninety percent vision of his right eye. Moreover until now Amrit has lost sense buds of the right part of his tongue too.

To mention won’t be a crime to the readers of Times of Assam that Amrit upon getting to such a bitter extent of his life where he has been crippled for life, the most disturbing part comes to the fore when Amrit informed us that he was the only bread earner of his family and whatever resources he had or rather he acquired during his early years of business has been spent up in medical treatment and presently is a bankrupt. While mentioning that the local MLA Rana Goswami had helped him financially sometimes now and then but the maximum help rendered was by Dr Pradyut Bijay Gogoi officer in Assam Agricultural University and the Managing Director of Axis Tata Showroom at Dhapkota Mr. Ravi Himatsingha and manager Mukesh Agarwall and he has thanked for the financial support and without whose help, he wouldn’t have stood today at the remaining one leg.

When Times of Assam questioned Amrit as to any financial assistance from the state Government and the Health Minister, Amrit said, “I have been the victim of state negligence and personally by Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma”. While reiterating that in absence of a Neurologist, the trainee doctor Anshuman Hatimuria refused medical attention while their senior doctors were fast asleep neglecting their duty. Amrit claims, “I had personally informed Himanta Biswa Sarma in this regard but after a few sms correspondence and betraying me on promise of punishing the doctor by taking punitive action, later dramatically denied me government assistance which is much needed at this hour of crisis to sustain my family needs. My last resource, my truck was sold off to repay the electric bill of seventy thousand which was pending long due to my family’s attention with me”.

Father of a 3 year old son Amrit said, “I am tired now as I don’t have the power, energy with my present position to lodge complaints every now and then and fight for justice. If the Government under the leadership of Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi can give me respite by providing a simple job not to me but my wife who is qualified than probably I might be able to somehow pass my remaining days”. Being a grass root congress worker, Amrit questioned, “Is there none to look at me and offer a hand of sympathy. I have belief that Tarun Gogoi might do something after I met him Guwahati recently when he called me after my news was flashed in a private news channel”. Amrit had earlier attempted on his life by consuming poison but was saved at the last moment when press fraternity intervened and took preventive measures.

Noteworthy to mention Amrit has threatened to commit suicide along with his family in the wake of his deficit financial condition. Conscious citizens of his locality have appealed to the public of Assam to render a helping hand and for this Amrit can be contacted at 9707212215. Many have also narrated how pious Amrit’s father Jeevan Sarma had been throughout his life and in one incident, when a passenger left a bag containing one lakh rupees, Jeevan Sarma a auto driver went back to return the money to its rightful owner. They question does honesty have any value in today’s time when an innocent family has been subjected to some cruel some reality of life.

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Health Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma ruined my life : Amrit Bharadwaj

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