Indian Nuclear bases in Assam to combat China – ULFA


In a startling revelation, the outlawed ULFA fighting for an Independent Asom has claimed that the Indian Government is secretly setting up Nuclear Missile Bases in North East India, especially in Assam in lieu of its growing conflict with China. As such, the Indian Government has already completed surveys for setting up bases for BRAHMOS cruise missile (Indo-Russian Technology) in Nagaland and Nuclear missile AKASH in Assam respectively.  This explosive revelation has been made by none other than the ULFA Commander-in-Chief Paresh Asom alias Paresh Baruah.

In a press release sent to the Times of Assam, the ULFA Supremo stated that Assam is being sandwiched between the Indo-China conflicts and maintained that Assam has never had any conflict with China over the centuries. Reminding that China had walked back without hurting Assam in the Indo-China war of 1962 after the Indian Army had fled, the elusive ULFA commander stated that this time it is unlikely for Assam to be saved if a war happens. Naturally, the Chinese targets would be the nuclear bases in Assam due to which the state would be completely destroyed, Paresh Asom stated.

The ULFA commander also accused that although the Indo-Chinese conflict was due to Arunachal Pradesh, the Indian authorities did not set up bases in Arunachal but in Assam instead due to which millions of innocent people might have to pay the price. It is to be mentioned that ULFA had earlier appealed to the people to protest against the Indian Air Forces taking over huge areas of land to set up Airbases in the state.

ULFA and other rebel groups of the North East are being reported to have been maintaining a close relationship with China according to Indian Intelligence. However, Beijing has been denying such reports.

Indian nuclear bases in Assam to combat China says ULFA

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Indian Nuclear bases in Assam to combat China – ULFA

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