KIA base at North East India with support of Indian Army


Burmese insurgent outfit Kachin Independent Army (KIA) is claimed to have been able to set up their base camp in North East India with the help of Indian Intelligence agency RAW and Indian Army. A top source from KIA has revealed this information to the Times of Assam.

As per sources, the KIA has been able to set up their camp in Rucca near the Bijoynagar area of Changlang district of Arunachal Pradesh with secret assistance from the Government of India. Around 300 cadres of the KIA are understood to be in this camp and the food, ration, etc., are claimed to be supplied by the Assam Rifles.

The KIA who has been in battle with the Burmese Army for decades is attempting to shift their second Brigade Headquarters to this location in North East India. The Indian Intelligence is accused to be supplying 120 mm mortars and other ammunition to the KIA.

When the Chief of the Indian Army has visited Myanmar last time, the Burmese Authority is understood to have raised this matter. However, India had categorically denied such allegations and is being called as Double Standards within the Burmese Diplomatic circles.

Mentionable that it is not the first time where Indian Intelligence connection with the Burmese insurgent group KIA has been found or exposed. During 1989-1992, RAW officials visited KIA’s camp at Kachin many times, which was later disclosed by several surrendered ULFA leaders in the early 1990s. In 1995, the Indian Army launched Operation Golden Bird against homeland returning (from Myanmar) ULFA groups at the Indo-Myanmar border with the help of KIA’s information. In that Operation Golden Bird, ULFA lost several top leaders and cadres like Monpa Rongpi, Madhurya Gohain, etc.

It is to be mentioned that this news is not published or revealed yet in any newspaper or media of India yet and needs further investigation from the media and in the International space. The matter is a serious one as if indeed India is extending support to Rebel groups of Myanmar; it just opens a can of worms as North Eastern groups would now find it easier and logical to get direct support from other countries such as China or Myanmar.

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KIA base at North East India with support of Indian Army

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