KLO Chief Jibon Singha is Alive – Confirms UNLFW


The Kamtapur Liberation Organization (KLO) Chairman Jibon Singha alias Tamir Das is safe and not killed as claimed by the Army and cited by Indian National Media.

Confirming aliveness of Jibon Singh – Publicity Member of UNLFW, Captain Arunodoy Asom said to Times of Assam that the KLO Chairman is safe and sound. Arunodoy Asom also rejected any operation by the Indian army against any insurgent groups in Myanmar that reported Jibon Singha got killed.

Since yesterday, all Indian National Media published report about death of KLO Chairman Jibon Singha.

However, DGP of Assam Khagen Sharma today said to media that Assam Police has no information about Jibon Singha’s death.

The KLO is core member outfit of the joint North Eastern organization United Liberation Front of Western South East Asia(UNLFW).

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KLO Chief Jibon Singha is Alive – Confirms UNLFW

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 2 min