Media rumor about ULFA going on


Media rumor continues controversy on the recent changes about United Liberation Front of Asom(ULFA)’s miracle turn of moves from decade long Bangladesh based hideout. It has been observed that, to increase TRP & readership, almost all Media are in competition which are confusing people, specially the family members of the ULFA leaders & cadres. Many of the ULFA leader & cadre’s family are getting confused because of the names of names published by the media. Some of media have stated names which made one person as 2 person.

While the member of the outfit’s Central Publicity wing Lt Anu Burhagohain & Lt Anjan Borthakur are the same person, almost all media are claiming both as different person.  So-called insurgency experts are continuing their analyzes which growing confusion among the people day by day.

In early 2007, the Operation Commander Major Raju Baruah alias Hitesh Kalita was ranked up to Major and promoted as Military Spokesman of the outfit to release the speech of the organization. Few years before Suman Baruah – member of Publicity wing of the outfit – used to send press release by the name of Rubi Bhuyan, left the outfit and the organization was lacking fellows who can handle the Press Releases for media. After sending few Press Releases, Major Raju Barua stopped it and Lt Anjan Borthakur was appointed as the member of the Publicity Wing. Again after sending few Press Releases, there were several secret controversy occurred from the sympathizers of the outfit, because Lt Anjan Borthakur was convicted for the Sanjay Ghosh murder case. Anjan Borthakur, then had to take another organizational name to avoid any controversy, and started sending Press Releases by the name of Lt Anu Burhagohain. Later on, 2nd Lt Arpan Saikia, who is also known as noted writer Pradan Saikia – released on bail few years back –  joined Lt Anjan Borthakur just few months before – to continue Press Releases in the name of  Lt Anu Burhagohain. But the prime character behind the role of Lt Anu Burhagohain was always Lt Anjan Borthakur – not Arpan Saikia.

The same way, 2nd Lt Amar Das is termed as Captain, Sergeant Major Swadhin Rai alias Ajad Baruah alias Deep Das is termed as Lt  by the media. The most confusion is happening to  the families of the ULFA leaders and cadres, because of their names, ranks & current location as being published by media everyday.

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Media rumor about ULFA going on

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 7 min