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At this age of high-end information and technology, when people can instantly get connected with anyone within the blink of eyes, a dubious website named has been continuing abusing cyber laws and are engaged in publishing articles with the rogue agenda of causing tremendous loss to the anti-terrorist forces around the world. This website also is accused of receiving money from Pakistani spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) and in exchange of regular payment from the espionage outfit, has been publishing articles with the agenda of sabotaging good relations between Ghana, India, Israel and Bangladesh. This website, operated by several dubious individuals, is also stealing articles from various newspapers in the world and is publishing the same without any consent.


Recently in a thorough investigation into the activities of, dangerous information came out. According to findings of the Times of Assam investigative journalists, has published dozens of articles by one M A Hossain. Most of these articles are clearly aligned in damaging existing excellent relations between India and Bangladesh as well as the Muslim world. In some of the articles, for example, Difference between Taliban and ARSA (Ref:, the websites have clearly given instigation to Islamic terrorist groups inside India, which is not only a heinous crime but tantamount to charges like high treason.

The so-called M A Hossain writes mostly anti-Indian stuff in as well as in some other news outlets such as South China Morning Post and South Asian Journal. In those articles, M A Hossain published his fake photo [Ref:]. In reality, this photograph is of one Rakib Ahmed, Music Arranger from Bangladesh [Link to Rakib Ahmed’s Facebook account:]

Convicted Major Mohammed Arif Hossain alias M A Hossain of

Convicted Major Mohammed Arif Hossain alias M A Hossain of

It has been found by the Times of Assam team that M A Hossain appeared in the since February 2018 and later he succeeded in getting some of his write-ups published in other places.

Our team found the real M A Hossain, who actually is Major (Sacked) Mohammed Arif Hossain, a condemned convict. Here are the links to information on Major (Sacked) Mohammed Arif Hossain: BDNEWS24(

Convicted Major Mohammed Arif Hossain alias M A Hossain

Convicted Major Mohammed Arif Hossain alias M A Hossain. Photo: The Daily Star

Times of Assam has succeeded in getting hold of the photograph of Major (Sacked) Mohammed Arif Hossain. It is a million dollar question as to how a notorious criminal like Major (Sacked) Mohammed Arif Hossain got patronization of in writing articles illegally by sitting inside any of the Condemned Cells in Bangladesh.

When contacted, Rakib Ahmed, whose photo has been stolen by M A Hossain alias Major (Sacked) Mohammed Arif Hossain and used in several news outlets illegally said, “I am terribly shocked knowing about this matter. Soon I am going to lodge a formal complaint with the Bangladesh authorities and even I may write to the Ghanaian authorities on this dangerous crime. Using my photograph by a condemned convict is not only illegal but it also goes beyond my imagination.”

Major (Sacked) Mohammed Arif Hossain aka M A Hossain in a number of articles and letters published in South China Morning Post, South Asian Journal, Free Malaysia etc has falsely claimed to be a columnist of Blitz. When contacted, Sajjad Hossain, Managing Editor of Blitz said, “We do not have any of such columnist of writers. Our data bank does not have anything from a person named M A Hossain or Mohammed Arif Hossain. This totally is a false claim and I wonder as to how international newspapers like South China Morning Post could publish anything from a fake person. As all of the write-ups of this man are against Bangladesh, India, and Israel, we have all the doubts that this man might have been planted by notorious jihadist groups like Islamic State (ISIS) with the ulterior agenda of tarnishing the image of Blitz. We also doubt, this ISIS mule M A Hossain has an agenda of tarnishing the image of our editor, Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury by publishing anti-Bangladesh, anti-India and anti-Israel contents. Some of his write-ups are dangerously notorious. He has given instigations to the Islamist jihadist groups inside India, which certainly proves his militancy connections. I think M A Hossain is a project of ISIS-Modern Ghana nexus.”

Commenting on’s responsibility on the published contents, a Senior Lawyer of the Bangladesh Supreme Court said, “Any news portal cannot get out of the legal consequences simply by publishing a disclaimer beneath the published contents. The Editor and every other member of the Editorial team along with the owner of the news portal or news website [such as Modern Ghana] stand fully responsible and they would be accused as either perpetrator of the crime or an abettor to the crime. In the case of publishing articles by Major (Sacked) Mohammed Arif Hossain, this is a total responsibility of the Editor and the Editorial members of the website. They cannot avoid the legal consequences.”


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