NASA astronaut Edward Michael Fincke to appear virtually with Tezpur University


Edward Michael Fincke

NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) USA has approved for Astronaut Edward Michael (Mike) Fincke for a Virtual Appearance with Tezpur University’s National Level Annual Technical Festival TechXetra 2012 on November 2, 2012. Rajen Barua, President of FASS International, the sponsoring organization of the event on behalf of Tezpur University, stated in a Press Release from Houston.

The astronaut virtual appearance program is an exciting and memorable experience for all involved. Normally NASA receives thousands of such requests for astronaut appearances each year. However, very few of these requests can at present be accommodated due to NASA’s heavy ongoing support program of the ISS (International Space Station) and many other exciting NASA programs. However, with the personal collaboration and help of FASS International members in Houston such as Rupesh Saikia and others, it was possible to schedule an appearance on November 2 as requested by Tezpur University. At present, members of FASS International (USA) are busy interacting with the organizers of TechXetra 2012 through Skype calls to make sure all the bugs are removed to make the technical system perfect for internet connection as well as to make sure the organizers do not leave out important questions to be asked to the astronaut.

The TechXetra 2012 program of Tezpur University, scheduled from 2nd to 4th of November, is the University’s fifth edition of its National Level Annual Technical Festival. The last four TechXetra programs have already carved out a niche in terms of learning, team spirit and entertainment. In the coming TechXetra 2012, the multifaceted festival will embrace a myriad of competitions and events in the zones of robotics, hardware and software development, structure and design, science exhibition, multi-hued photography, latent talent unfolding in ad-making event, panel discussion, brainstorming quiz, essay, guest lecture of eminent personalities and the best-pick-of-all-times hardcore computer gaming among the students from various parts of India with a module of cultural extravaganza. General public and students are also welcome to attend the festival.

The virtual appearance of astronaut Mike Fincke in the TechXetra 2012 will be very meaningful for the students of science to connect with the latest technology as well as to know more about NASA’s ongoing programs which includes the International Space Station, Mars Rover Mission and many more.

Astronaut Mike Fincke is not unknown to Assam. Being the husband of Assamese Renita Saikia, who herself is an engineer in NASA, Mike visited Assam several times in the past. Additionally, he also conducted four interactive telephone sessions with the students of four institutions in North East (Dibrugarh University, Axom Jatiya Vidyalaya, Guwahati, St Anthony’s College, Shillong and Central University, Imphal) from the ISS in 2008 and 2009. FASS International also arranged for an integrative live session between Mike Fincke and students of 84 schools in Guwahati in 2009. This Virtual Appearance in Tezpur University is in continuation of the program of FASS International (USA) who is planning for more such programs with other interested institutions of North East.

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NASA astronaut Edward Michael Fincke to appear virtually with Tezpur University

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