News of Paresh Baruah’s death is Fake

Hoax on Paresh Baruah


“Paresh Baruah is dead” – a fake and planned propaganda has served by a self-proclaimed journalist, who is known for his fake claims and bias reports for more than two decades. He has claimed that Paresh Baruah, the Chief of the Staff of the Military Wing of ULFA[I] has died in a car accident at China-Myanmar Border. He has mentioned that an intelligence input has claimed the report.

Times of Assam verified that Paresh Baruah is sound and safe and the report is total bias soon after the journalist published the hoax in his blog.

The report, served by the journalist, is not clarified enough to identify the intelligence agency. The journalist has to confirm which type of intelligence group he is talking about! It is a serious question that how a self-proclaimed journalist come to know such type of serious incident. Unless being confirmed with verified sources, no intelligence agency declares or discloses such type of serious report to any media person – it is a term of intelligence. The journalist has to confirm the ‘intelligence agency’ or the ground of his report.

The rumor itself is a political propaganda spread by the journalist, which might be beneficial for him, keeping his personal interest for the upcoming West Bengal election as well as other political groups. Also, the political gameplay of communal tensions between Assamese and Bengalis of Assam will be benefited by such kind of bias reports. To divert the mass sentiment of Assamese people the aforesaid political drama is being portrayed.

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News of Paresh Baruah’s death is Fake

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 4 min