Saudi Prince, UNESCO And Wrong Signals

Khaled Bin Talal

By- Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury | Date- November 02, 2011

Saudi Prince Khaled Bin Talal, brother of billionaire Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal(Share holder of Wall Street Journal and Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp) announced to pay US$ 1 million for abducting each of the Israeli soldiers (members of Israel Defense Forces – IDF). In a telephonic accouchement with Al-Daleel Television, the member of the Saudi Arabia’s Royal family said, he would pay US$ 1 million for capturing each of the Israeli soldiers. The Saudi offers follow in the wake of the release of Israeli soldier Sergeant Gilad Schalit, who was held by Hamas terrorists in Gaza for more than five years. Israel agreed to free over 1,000 prisoners in exchange.

Meanwhile, one of the UN organs, United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO),  in a sudden bid, granted full membership to Palestinians, thus making it as the 195th full member of the organization. Though United States and Israel have announced to stop providing any financial assistance to UNESCO for such dubious steps, it is unclear if most of the European nations as well as some of the allies of Israel, including India would also stop financial assistance to this organ of the United Nations.

The Obama administration, which values its membership in UNESCO, tried unsuccessfully to keep the vote from taking place, while Irina Bokova, the American-supported director general of the organization, traveled to Washington to meet with Congressional leaders and ask them to alter the law. Legislation dating from 1990 and 1994 mandates a complete cut-off of American financing to any United Nations agency that accepts the Palestinians as a full member. State Department lawyers see no leeway in the legislation, and no possibility of a waiver.

The dubious and premature steps of UNESCO is according full membership to the Palestinians is certainly a part of the ongoing conspiracy of giving it a full member status. It may be mentioned here that, Palestinians are administrated for decades by bunch of corrupts and terrorists. The Palestinians uphold the nasty policy of terrorising Israel and the West and the so-called nation has the one and only agenda of spreading Jihad in the non-Muslim world.

It is understood that oil-rich Arab nations are spending millions of dollars towards anti-Israeli groups and media in the world, with the agenda of suffocating the pro-Israel media in the world, which is aimed at ultimately glorifying the Palestinians and their terrorist activities causing potential threat to global peace. Even some vested interest groups, within and outside Israel are actively pursuing in sabotaging or killing each of the pro-Israeli media in the world.

The announcement of the Saudi royal as well as subsequent full membership by UNESCO has been greatly applauded by most of the Muslim as well as anti-Israel nations and their news media. Some of the Muslim nations, which are under tremendous influence of Iran even tried to project the situation as beginning of elimination of the State of Israel from the global map.

Meanwhile, IMPACT-SE, a research organization that monitors and analyzes schoolbooks and curricula across the Middle East with an eye toward determining their compliance with international standards on peace and tolerance said, the Palestinian Authority does not meet the UNESCO recommendations for becoming a full member in the international organization.

The announcement of reward by the member of the Saudi royal family for abducting Israeli soldiers is not only audacious enough but also is a clear violation of the international code of conducts. This announcement tells the world that the Saudis are not only continuing the dynasty of rogue monarchism but also are providing funding to criminal activities. It may be mentioned here that, Saudis openly and secretly provide fund to hundreds of radical Muslim groups as well as Jihadists in the world. It also is one of the top ranking funders of fanatic Madrassa education system in the world. The Saudi royals also are silently providing huge finance to spread of Sharia community in the West and particularly they patronize Sharia banking in the western nations. It may be mentioned here that, Saudis and Arabs have been buying shares in most of the influential Western media as well as large Western business establishments, thus putting these institutions under tights grips of the fanatic Muslims.

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Saudi Prince, UNESCO And Wrong Signals

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