ULFA Confirms Times of Assam Exposure


The ULFA hardliner faction today confirmed what Times of Assam exposed yesterday about the outfit forming its new central committee.

ULFA Press Release

By- Staff Reporter | Date- November 20, 2011

In a press release sent to Times of Assam by Publicity Commander Arunodoy Dohotiya, the outfit has confirmed that a new Central Committee of 16 members would be created. A permanent body involving three of the outfit’s leaders would also be formed.

In addition, as exposed by Times of Assam earlier, the outfit confirmed that they have nominated the names of three respected person as Political Advisors, who support the cause of Independent Assam. These three political advisors would be overground members of the outfit in senior positions and would be working under pseudo names. Sources also revealed to Times of Assam that the trio are one UK based Doctor, one Assam based Architect & one former educationist of Gauhati University.

It is to be mentioned that Times of Assam was the only media who had reported in the exclusive ULFA Hardliner to form New Central Committee that all of the new leadership of the outfit would actually not be replacement of current pro-talk leaders and that the provision would remain for the current Pro-Talk leaders such as Arabinda Rajkhowa, Raju Baruah, Shashadhar Choudhury, Chitraban Hazarika etc to resume their old designations and responsibility if they return to the outfit’s armed struggle once again. This was confirmed in the press release by Arunodoy Dohotiya unlike all other media who had reported that the Pro-Talk leaders such as Arabinda Rajkhowa along with Raju Baruah & Shasha Choudhury would be expelled from the outfit!

As exposed earlier, the outfit would create completely new designations and posts so as to avoid any internal diplomatic conflict within the outfit. All of this understandably is because this new formation too is planned within the outfit and not a factional dispute as being portrayed in Times of Assam exclusive report Faultline of ULFA – Planned Factional Dispute.

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ULFA Confirms Times of Assam Exposure

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