ULFA Hardliner forms new Central Committee – Arabinda Rajkhowa & Raju Baruah Expelled

New Central Committee of ULFA

By- Staff Reporter | Date- November 23, 2011

Forming a New Central committee, the ULFA Hardliner faction today expelled the outfit’s Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa and Dy C-in-C Raju Baruah. Declaring the new Central Committee of 16 members panel, the Publicity Commander Arunodoy Dohotiya stated that the committee has been formed in the Mobile Military Headquarter of the outfit. In the recent press release sent to Times of Assam Arunodoy Dohotiya also expressed blessing of Assamese people.

The newly formed Central Committe of ULFA is as follows, as sent in the press release:

1] Chairman (in-Charge) : Dr Abhijit Barman
2] C-in-C & Vice-Chairman (in-Charge) : Major General Paresh Baruah
3] Assistant General Secretary & Finance Secretary (in-Charge) : Lt Colonel Jiban Moran
4] Dy C-in-C : Major Drishti Rajkhowa & Major Bijay Das
5] Assistant Finance Secretary : Major Michael Dekaphukan & Captain Partha Gogoi
6] Assistant Organizing Secretary : Captain Mantu Saikia, Captain Nayan Medhi, Lt Salim & Lt Ajhar Ali
7] Assistant Cultural Secretary : Lt Samiran Bhuyan, Lt Sagar Tapna & Lt Jyotirmay Bharali
8] Assistant Information & Publicity Secretary : Arunodoy Dohotiya
9] Assistant Foreign Secretary : Dr Pranmoy Asom

Mentionable that, with this new Central Committee, Paresh Baruah has directly expelled Dy C-in-C Raju Baruah by appointing Drishti Rajkhowa alias Manoj Rabha and Bijay Das alias Bijay Chinese as joint Dy C-in-C. Paresh Baruah also tactfully expelled Chariman Arabinda Rajkhowa by appointing one Dr Abhijit Barman as Chairman(in-Charge).

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ULFA Hardliner forms new Central Committee – Arabinda Rajkhowa & Raju Baruah Expelled

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 1 min