Who are with Paresh Barua there in Bangladesh

Paresh Barua

By- Staff Reporter | Date- September 25, 2010

After deportion of almost all the Bangladesh based senior leaders of ULFA, the outfit’s physical existance in the land of the country have decreased like a miracle. Currently only 2 ULFA leaders are in the soil of Bangladesh. The Secretary General Anup Chetia who is under jail custody of Govt of Bangladesh since 1997, and the Chief of the Staff, Military wing of the outfit, Colonel Paresh Barua himself.

While Paresh Barua in an email statement claimed the recent deportion is the combined conspiracy of few jailed leaders of the organization’s Central Committe, an unofficial information  about current status of ULFA leaders or cadres revealed the un-certain condition of the supremo of the military wing of the outfit, Paresh Barua. Barua now only has very few numbers of fellows with him. His own family, along with the jailed Anup Chetia’s Wife & Daughter Buli, Mithinga Daimary’s late elder brother Dr Dharani Das’s alone son Bhaskar are staying together in a place known to Bangladesh Govrenment. There are close scope of deportion of these family members in coming few days. On the otherhand, the C-in-C Paresh Barua is staying in another place with his close cadres named Jitu, Rubel & Farooq. These 3 cadres are operating the communication with media through email on behalf of the C-in-C.  Another senior ULFA leader Lt Drishti Rajkhowa alias Manoj Rabha is holding his position in Bangladesh & India border, and Captain Antu Chaodang alias Upen Burhagohain is positioning himself into Nagaland-Myanmar border, who are yet under command of Paresh Barua.

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Who are with Paresh Barua there in Bangladesh

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 4 min