Bangladesh under Kakistrocracy


The entire world on January 5th witnessed with grave dismay as to how a group of looters and committers of series genocide as well as suffocators of freedom of expression and violators of human rights has already pushed the country towards Kakistrocracy by staging a so-called election, which has been boycotted by the people of Bangladesh.

India’s largest and most influential daily newspaper The Hindu in its editorial comment has already termed the current government in Bangladesh as illegal. International media also are already questioning legitimacy of the government of Sheikh Hasina, which has been formed on 12th January and interestingly enough, for the first time in the history of democracy, in today’s Bangladesh, there is only one party in the country, which has formed government in the name of “government of national consensus”, where there is no opposition at all! It may be mentioned here that, main opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) and other members of the 18-Party alliance refrained from participating in the January 5th election as it was held under the ruling Bangladesh Awami League (BAL), keeping no scope of ensuring level playing field for the participating parties in it. United Nations, United States, United Kingdom, European Union and most of the development partners of Bangladesh made numerous efforts in ensuring holding of a free-fare election participated by all the political parties and BNP and the members of the 18-party Alliance had always positively exhibited its readiness of joining in the election if level playing field was ensured. But, the ruling Bangladesh Awami League had always been actively making foul attempts of holding the election keeping huge room of manipulation so that the election result could be engineered in its favor, as the ruling party knew well that it already has lost the popular support of the masses because of its limitless corruption and misrule since it came in power in December 2008. The ruling government of Indian National Congress in India had been extending full support towards BAL led government in Bangladesh and had exerted its influence nakedly in influencing the international community in favor of Sheikh Hasina, allowing her in continuing in power indefinitely. Taking this advantage of being blindly backed by the ruling party of one of the largest democracy in the world, President of Bangladesh Awami League, Sheikh Hasina energized her thrust and arrogant determination of establishing her dynastic rule in the country by following the path of her father, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who killed democracy in the new-born Bangladesh in 1974 and established one party authoritarian rule banning all other political fronts and parties in the country as well as suffocating the freedom of judiciary and press. At that time too, Mujib’s anti-democracy actions were blindly endorsed and even encouraged by Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi and her party – the Indian National Congress. One of the many reasons of Indira Gandhi’s unconditional support towards Mujib’s dictatorial rule is because of Indira’s desire of seeing the culture of dynastic rules nourished in South Asia. With this agenda and mindset, the Bhuttos in Pakistan, Gandhis in India and Sheikhs in Bangladesh established the cord of togetherness and solidarity of dictators amongst each-other.

It should be mentioned here that a group of over-ambitious and greedy officers of Bangladesh Army snatched power in a bloodless coup in January 2007 from a democratic government and ruthlessly continued authoritarian rule for two years terrorizing country’s democratic and financial institution thus captivating the entire nation. When people started turning agitated and furious on the military controlled illegal regime, it entered into a secret agreement with Sheikh Hasina of letting her win the general election of December 2008 through massive manipulation and election engineering. In exchange, Hasina gave them amnesty for their serious crime while she also allowed them safe exit to foreign countries with few hundred millions of dollars, which the army officers made through corruption, extortion and drug trafficking during their two-year rule. Election results were grossly changed by the military dictators giving majority to Bangladesh Awami League in the parliament. Taking advantage of this two third majority, the BAL led government indulged into series of financial scams and corruption starting from the stock exchange to energy sector to financial institutions etc. Freedoms of judiciaries were brought under the whims of the rulers; freedom of press denied and the entire nation went into tight and suffocating grips of state-patronized terror. Hundreds and thousands of political opponents of the rulers were pushed into prison while severe torture in custody and secret killings reached the most alarming level. A segment of civil and police administration as well as the army-especially the intelligence departments became active collaborators of the rulers in exchange of healthy compensation. In past five years (January 2009 – January 2014), some of the prominent collaborators of the rulers in civil and military administration turned into billionaires while ministers, MPs and other leaders of BAL made unimaginable wealth at home and abroad. One of the prime kingpins of the share market scam is Salman F Rahman, an influential leader of the Bangladesh Awami League. The mastermind a main beneficiary of the biggest scam of a Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Company named Destiny Limited is none but the Defense Advisor of Sheikh Hasina. The captain of the Quick Rental Power Plant Scam, through which hundreds of millions of dollars had been visibly robbed from the national exchequer, is the advisor of the Prime Minister, Dr. Tawfiq-E-Elahi. In plain words it could be easily stated that inner-circle people of Sheikh Hasina were found involved in all of the financial scams in Bangladesh. According to newspaper reports, which quoted information, availed from the Election Commission, almost all of the MPs of the ruling party and its partners in the Grand Alliance increased their wealth up to 5000 times just during their five-year rule through corruption and financial crimes. But, instead of taking any punitive measures against the culprits, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina nakedly defended them.

The post – January 5th government of Sheikh Hasina although has been labeled as illegal by the people of Bangladesh, some of the lap-dogs and sycophants of BAL such as Dr. Md. Anowar Hossain, an anti-west anarchist and controversial vice chancellor of a public university in Bangladesh has been making frantic bids of legalizing autocracy of Sheikh Hasina as “democratic dictatorship”. Dr. Hossain like many others are giving instigation to Sheikh Hasina in establishing one-party dictatorial regime in the country by ignoring reaction of the western world and the international community. They all are encouraging the Bangladeshi prime Minister of turning into a Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez of today’s world. Some of them are even commenting saying democracy is not the right choice for any developing nation. They even are suggesting Sheikh Hasina in adopting anti-west diplomatic policy, leaving no space for the west in “Poking nose into internal affairs of Bangladesh”. Being greatly inspired by the suggestions of her lap-dogs and sycophants, Sheikh Hasina, with the support of the Indian ruling elites reportedly has made up her mind of waging psychological war with the west and is planning secret negotiation with Iran in attaining nuclear power by 2020 at the latest. Indian National Congress although understand if Bangladesh will emerge as nuclear power, it will stand as potential threat to India, leadership of INC are still letting Sheikh Hasina in moving ahead with her nuclear ambition to put the next ruling party in India – Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) into serious pressure from Bangladesh. In exchange, Sheikh Hasina and her entire team will join hands with INC in their global campaign against BJP calling upon people in the world in standing against religious fanatics.

The situation in today’s Bangladesh is grave enough, where democracy has already been mutilated and kakistocracy been placed on the 165 million people of the country. If Sheikh Hasina is able in continuing her rule defying internal protests and external outcry, it will ultimately become huge headache to peace of the South Asian nation in particular and the global peace in general. It is urgent task of the international community. Particularly the global leaders to take this kakistocracy of Sheikh Hasina into serious assessment and impose multiple embargoes and sanctions on this illegal government thus saving the very spirit of democracy from the crude clutches of the autocrats and enemies of peace in Bangladesh. The United Nations Security Council should also forthwith summon its session for identifying ways and means of removing the dictators from Bangladesh and saving the entire nation from current captivity. The popular masses in India and democratic parties like Bharatiya Janata Party should also raise voice against kakistocracy of Shekh Hasina. Everyone should remember one point – this is a war between democracy and kakistocracy where democracy must win finally. As the leader of Bangladesh Nationalist Party, Begum Khaleda Zia and all other pro-democracy forces in Bangladesh must engage their total strength in mobilizing the anti-government popular masses in the country and opinion of the global community in fighting this extremely crucial battle for democracy thus ousting the kakistocratic Sheikh Hasina and her entire gang. And of course, once these enemies of peace and democracy are ousted from power, Begum Khaleda Zia must not show any minimal mercy or sympathy to the culprits and their collaborators but must ensure stern punishment through transparent trial in a special tribunal.

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Bangladesh under Kakistrocracy

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