Bangladeshi Journalist threatened by Crime gang


Hasan MahmudBy- Staff Reporter | Date- September 05, 2012

Special Correspondent of Diganta Television, a private television channel in Bangladesh, Hasan Mahmud received life threats from Muhammod Ullah Polash, a notorious criminal and accused in Pilkhana Massacre case, for Hassan Mahmud’s investigative report on forceful abduction and physical torture on a female named Kohinoor Begum. According to information, Kohinoor Begum, an enlisted singer with state-owned Bangladesh Television can Bangladesh Betar (Radio Bangladesh) was abducted at gun point from the residence of her husband and forced her to divorce her husband thus marrying Muhammod Ullah Polash. Since marrying Kohinoor Begum, Polash used to keep her under lock and key inside a dark room in his resident at 50, Moneshwar Road, which is located at the old part of Dhaka city. Polash had been regularly beating her on numerous occasions, while continued various forms of physical and sexual torture on her.

After three months of captivity, Kohinoor Begum became pregnant, while on a night Polash started beating her again and at one point kicked her lower abdomen, which caused in severe bleeding, thus the pre-matured baby came out of her womb. At this stage, Kohinoor Begum fell unconscious and when her physical condition started deteriorating fast, Muhammod Ullah Polash with the help of other members of his gang rushed Kohinoor to Dhaka Medical College Hospital’s emergency wing. Doctors and nurses on duty at Dhaka Medical College Hospital became mum seeing marks of severe torture on different parts of the body of Kohinoor Begum. While Kohinoor Begum was under treatment in the hospital, notorious criminal Muhammod Ullah Polash and his gang continued to give threats on the members of her family.

According to information, Kohinoor Begum obtained masters degree from an university, while Muhammod Ullah Polash is a student with Leather Technology College and belong to a armed gang of Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Another source said, Muhammod Ullah Polash has been active member of an armed gang led by absconding terrorist named Leather Liton, which has closer ties with the ruling party in Bangladesh. Muhammod Ullah Polash was arrested for his involvement in the Pilkhana Massacre case, where 73 army officers were brutally murdered during February 24-25 by the renegade members of the Bangladesh Riffles. But, within six months of his arrest, Muhammod Ullah Polash was released from prison on bail at the direct intervention of an influential figure in the government.

Talking to Times of Assam, journalist Hasan Mahmud said, “Terrorist Muhammod Ullah Polash and his entire gang are continuously giving life threats on me for airing an investigative report on the case of Kohinoor Begum. He and his gang are making attempts to kill me. I have already brought the matter to the attention of Police and Rapid Action Battalion.”

Meanwhile, a team of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) raided the residence of terrorist Muhammod Ullah Polash on the late hours of Tuesday. Sources inside RAB confirmed that the raids will continue until terrorist Muhammod Ullah Polash and other members of his gang are arrested.

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Bangladeshi Journalist threatened by Crime gang

By: Times of Assam Bureau Read time: 8 min