Corrupt Bangladesh​i minister quits after Times of Assam exposes him


Extremely corrupt minister in charge of the railway ministry in Bangladesh, brief-less lawyer Suranjit Sen Gupta has been finally axed from the cabinet following a recent incident, where his Assistant Personal Secretary (APS) Omar Faruk was caught with some corrupt senior officials of Bangladesh Railway with large sum of bribe money, during the late hours of the day. The APS and the senior officials were en-route to the minister’s residence to deliver the bribe money. Suranjit Sen Gupta, who enjoyed the status of a veteran parliamentarian, has finally landed into the status of a corrupt political clown in the eyes of the people at home and abroad. Many say, “at this age of the last tail of his life, greed for money and wealth has put Suranjit into trash, who had the habit of passing objectionable and bad-taste comments on his political opponents as well as his party insiders, including the current Prime Minister, in his own style of ape-like sarcastic body language.

Corrupt Bangladesh​i Minister Quits
Suranjit Sen Gupta

Commenting on Suranjit’s resignation, leading Indian daily newspaper The Indian Express in its news item titled Bangladesh minister resigns over midnight cash scandal wrote, “Bangladesh’s embattled Railway Minister Suranjit Sengupta today (April 16, 2012) resigned from his post four months after assuming office following the last week’s midnight cash scandal.”

On April 15, 2012, Suranjit Sen Gupta was summoned at the official residence of the Prime Minister, where he was asked to give explanations of the incident of April 9, 2012 night, where his staffers were caught with stacks of money en-route to the minister’s residence. Suranjit tried to defend himself with numerous stories, similar to those of what he told the media since the scandal broke, while the Prime Minister did not buy such lies of the railway minister and asked him to quit the post. Suranjit played all of his cards in not being axed from the cabinet, while the Prime Minister reportedly told him that his (Suranjit) corruption as well as corruption of his son and inner-circle cadres of him was already within the radars of various intelligence agencies.

Following the resignation of corrupt politician Suranjit Sen Gupta, few drastic actions are being now taken by the government, Anti Corruption Commission and the authorities concerned about the issue of his only son’s sudden transformation of a multi-millionaire from being a mid-level employee in a telecom company, where Suranjit son Soumen Sen Gupta paid TK. 50 million cash as license fees for obtaining a telecom gait wait license few days back from the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC). Neither Suranjit nor his son could give any satisfactory reply as to how Soumen suddenly turned into a multi-millionaire, months after his father became the railway minister. It is easily understood that the brief-less lawyer Suranjit Sen Gupta might have indulged into limitless corruption from the zero hour of assuming the office of the railway minister. His APS Omar Faruk, as well as a large number of his own cadres of touts and culprits was desperately busy in making money by hook or crook. This four-plus month’s minister-ship though has nakedly exposed the nasty face of Suranjit Sen Gupta to the nation, during this short span of time, he has been able in cashing millions of Taka as well as acquiring numerous wealth at home and abroad. At the same time, he also has leased out a large number of properties belonging to Bangladesh Railway, to his inner circle of cadres and touts as well as some of his relatives.

A sensitive intelligence agency has hinted that voice record of Suranjit’s calls to his APS as well as officers of Bangladesh Railway and some of his close aides are already grabbed by it and the contents are being preserved as future evidences. Additionally, legal procedures are now pending against Suranjit Sen Gupta as well as his son Soumen Sen Gupta and local leaders of Bangladesh Awami League at Suranjit’s constituency. Bank accounts of Soumen Sen Gupta as well as Suranjit and his wife might be put on freeze by the Central Bank, while Suranjit’s son may be summoned by the Anti Corruption Commission for giving justifications of as to how he received such large sum of money for obtaining the telecom gait-way license.

Commenting on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s actions in axing Suranjit from the cabinet for his limitless corruption, political analysts say, “this will brighten the image of the government of Bangladesh Awami League, at home and abroad, as now the PM has proved that corrupts will never get any minimal sympathy or shelter. Suranjit is already proved to be a corrupt politician and now it is high-time for the Prime Minister to give instructions for tougher actions against Sen and his family as well as his inner circles, for series of wrong-doings, nepotism and broad-day-light corruption.”

While Suranjit Sen Gupta and his gang are now surely destined towards dire legal consequences, one of the prominent leaders of the ruling party, Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir (popularly known as MOKHA) not only extended support towards Suranjit, but also openly advocated in favor of corruption. In a talk show on April 15, he said, “if Bangladeshi people has to pay money for going abroad for work, why should not they agree paying money for domestic work?”

It may be mentioned here that, recently government has accorded a license to Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir for starting a bank, when the ruling party issued similar licenses to few more of its leaders, though none of them has the valid source of earnings to prove their investment capacities in these banks. Economists are already seeing such mass-issuance of banking permissions as a risky attempt, which would put very negative effect on country’s already fragile economy.

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Corrupt Bangladesh​i minister quits after Times of Assam exposes him

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