Government’s undue influence over Judiciary in Bangladesh


Bangladeshi judicial system has turned totally rogue as it is regularly run under dictation of the government, which renewed it’s tenure through a voter less election held on January 5th, 2014. It was a ridiculous prototype election as the one recently held by North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, where it had one candidate in each of the seats. Following the 5/1 election Bangladesh has entered into one party rule which is no better than Kim’s kakistocracy. Meanwhile Bangladeshi rules Sheikh Hasina has declared remaining in power until 2041 at least if not eternally. She has ignored requests of Western nations in holding a credible participatory election while her wrongdoings are blindly endorsed by India’s ruling party that is sure to witness defeat in upcoming general election in weeks.

The government led by Sheikh Hasina came to power in 2008 through a general election which was held under a military controlled regime led by General Moeen Uddin Ahmed, a man greatly hated in the country for corruption, nepotism, gross violation of human rights and for his alleged involvement behind the murder of 57 army officers during a plotted renegade that took place inside the Head Quarters of the border guards of the country. Following assumption of power by Ms. Hasina, General Moeen was allowed safe exit to United States where he currently is on self exile.

In the government of Sheikh Hasina a number of people, mostly her family members became extremely powerful while there members of the Bangladeshi ‘Special Family’ got involved into numerous financial and otherwise crimes. One of such members is Major General Tareq Ahmed Siddique, who made millions of dollars through corruption.

General Tareq, now Security Advisor to the PM turned very influential since he secretly mediated a deal between Gen Moeen and Hasina prior to 2008 election. Now in Bangladesh Gen. Tareq is considered to be second most powerful man in the country.

Tareq, a long time darling of Indian RAW by using his current position of being the security adviser controls all strategies of the Bangladesh Armed Forces.

With such huge power he has put two of his business partners, Rafiqul Amin and Mohamed Hosain, bosses of a fraudulent MLM company named Destiny 2000 Limited at the prison bell of Bangabandhu Medical College Hospital with all luxuries by falsely showing both as physically ill. The government recently banned Destiny Limited for cheating hundreds of thousands of people. Now Tareq is trying to send both the people abroad secretly to rate them from public and legal hassle.

General Tareq earlier helped family members of Amin and Hosain along with some other members of Destiny in fleeing Bangladesh. He even made frantic bids in getting them bail from the courts as most of the courts in Bangladesh are also under his influence.

But recently in one case Tareq was seen badly involved in a contempt charge that is continuing against the editor and a journalist of largest Bangla daily named Prothom Alo. He used one of his lawyer friends named Rukonuddin Mahmud in creating a confrontational situation between apex judiciary and media. Barrister Rukon and Gen Tareq for a brief period worked together with the plan of ousting Hasina from politics after infamous 1/11 military coup. At that time they tried to minus Hasina from politics and place Tareq’s own sister in law Sheikh Rehana at the top position of Awami League.

Tareq had been particularly angry at Prothom Alo and rest of the media for exposing the illegal activities of Destiny Limited which caused closure of this fraud trap and put Tareq’s partners into legal hassle. General Tareq was one of the key beneficiaries of this MLM scam who had cashed millions and smuggled significant amount of cash in foreign countries.

It is rumored Rukonuddin has assured Tareq of getting a number of media men behind bars by using this contempt charge. Earlier Gen Tareq managed to send another editor named Mahmudur Rahman of Daily Amar Desh by using the same tools of contempt charge.

The latest contempt hearing at the apex judiciary has caused serious concern amongst the members of Bangladesh press. Journalist associations and members of the civil society as well as editors of most of the daily newspapers have issued statement saying the contempt hearing and ugly comments made by Rokonuddin Mahmud is not only unhealthy enough but it is an attempt of pushing the judiciary and the media of the country towards head of collusion. Rukonuddin during the contempt hearing termed journalists as liars, crooks and dishonest. Although there is sign of settlement of this media-judiciary battle which arises due to the contempt hearing and nasty remarks by Rukonuddin, Gen Tareq still is pressing hard with his agenda of giving a good lesson to the media.

Bangladesh judiciary is already questioned globally for many of its dubious roles and for a number of controversial judgments. There is even allegation of section of Bangladesh judiciary having Jihadist indoctrination. With a kakistocratic rogue government in power, Bangladesh already is under international radar. Now after knowing how an influential member of the government like Gen Tareq is grossly abusing power by wrongly using state machinery, possibly the international community would actively consider taking punitive measures against the country. The United Nations also may consider expelling Bangladeshi forces from the UNPKF for its collaboration with the kakistocracy and for committing series of extra judicial murders.

Gen Tareq’s family business company Procchaya Limitet is associated with Destiny and it is a partner in Destiny Bank Limited. Although Bangladesh Anti Corruption Commission is charging all Destiny cohorts it has not hooked Gen Tareq and his family company in it. Rather it is learnt, Gen Tareq has managed to hide the papers related to Destiny Bank Limited from Bangladesh Bank.

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Government’s undue influence over Judiciary in Bangladesh

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