“Innocence of Muslims” maker neither Israeli nor Jew

A section of media on purpose are spreading baseless rumor claiming the maker of the controversial anti-Islam movie Innocence of Muslims is an Israeli Jew, though none of the records so far published on the backgrounds of the masterminds and maker of the movie did not slightest sign of them having minimal connection with Israel or the Jewish people. According to information quoting various intelligence sources, Egyptian-American, Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih, the president of the Duarte-based charity Media for Christ, and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, a convicted felon from Cerritos, emerged as forces behind Innocence of Muslims. Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih got converted into Christianity from Islam few years back. Another mastermind behind the project is a Lebanese-American female, who runs a multi-million dollar NGO in United States. The same women earlier extended cooperation to Florida’s infamous Pastor Terry Jones, who created international havoc by setting fire on Quran. The organization of ex-Muslim Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih – Media for Christ, whose stated mission is to glow Jesus’ light to the world, obtained permits to shoot the movie in August 2011, and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula provided his home as a set and paid the actors, according to government officials and those involved in the production.

Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih founded the charity in 2005 with US$30,000. In its 2011 tax filing, which covers the period of the filming, the charity reported having eight employees and contributions of US$ 1 million. While Media for Christ public filings describe it as an evangelical organization working to spread the Gospel, Nassralla has devoted himself in recent years to criticizing Islam in speeches and interviews.

Following outbreak of massive protests in the Muslim world, both Joseph Nassralla Abdelmasih and Nakoula Basseley Nakoula went into hiding and had been denying any involvement behind the movie, though, according to porn actor Tim Dex, he had been paid US$ 75 per day through checks drawn on the bank account of Abanob Basseley Nakoula — a name linked to the Cerritos property where Nakoula Basseley Nakoula resides. The home’s distinctive front door with triangle windows in a half-circle pattern is visible in the 14-minute trailer for the movie posted on YouTube.

Another supporter and instigator of the controversial movie is Florida’s Pastor Terry Jones, who burnt Quran few years back, thus generating global outrage.

The Innocence of Muslims – movie that has enraged radical Islamists who have rioted and committed murders in the Middle East, was partially shot on a set that Paramount’s TV unit helped to build for its TV show JAG, and a man with five decades of movie and television experience. Portions of the infamous, micro-budget movie were filmed in Saugus, about 30 miles north of Hollywood, on a portion of Blue Cloud Film Ranch called Baghdad Square, which is often used for TV and film productions seeking to replicate Middle Eastern war zones. Other movies and TV shows partially filmed at Blue Cloud include Iron Man, Get Him to the Greek, Serenity, Arrested Development, NCIS Los Angeles, The Closer, Threat Matrix and CSI. The U.S. military has also made training videos at Blue Cloud. Veluzat, 72, said the 100-acre ranch is for sale for US$ 15 million. Although makers of the movie claimed to have invested US$ 5 million in the project, it was later learnt from numerous sources inside American film industry that the entire budget of the film would have been less than US$ 400,000.

The makers of the movie not only hided the script from the actors, but also deceived the American government by giving another name while the shooting was continuing. They registered the name as Innocence of Bin Laden and later Desert Warriors, while finally they changed the name to Innocence of Muslims. The film starts with a claim that the Prophet of Islam was illegitimate and his birth a disgrace. Later the Prophet of Islam is shown as a low status man ridiculed by a boy for having no known father. Then most of the film deals with the rise of Islam, there is a great deal of violence and cruelty. Some of the allegations made in the film such as the followers of the Prophet took slaves; Non-Muslims were forced to pay a tax or Jizyah, which the film calls as extortion. The movie also shows a donkey becoming first Muslim by establishing faith on the Prophet of Islam. The so-called film was produced and directed by a person first identified in casting calls as Alan Roberts,and then in media reports Sam Bacile, though finally it had been revealed that Nakoula Basseley Nakoula actually used pseudonym of Sam Bacile and on purpose told reporters in interview that he was a real estate businessman from Israel and was a Jew. Though later it was proved that, Nakoula Basseley Nakoula aka Sam Bacile is neither an Israeli nor Jewish but is a Coptic Christian.

It has been learnt by the intelligence agencies and the interrogators, who are currently squeezing Nakoula Basseley Nakoula that he was particularly briefed by some of his patrons to falsely, claim the film to have been made by an Israeli Jew, in order to push the Jewish community around the world and Israel towards confrontational situation with Muslims. Nakoula Basseley Nakoula also said, he was greatly inspired by radical Christian preacher Zakaria Botros Henein, who is often called Islam’s Public Enemy No. 1 and teaches that Muhammad was a necrophiliac, a homosexual and a pedophile.

Zakaria Botros Henein The priest has for decades been among the most controversial figures to Muslims. Jailed twice in his native Egypt for trying to convert Muslims, he was exiled by Hosni Mubarak’s government in the early 1990s in exchange for an early release. He fled to Australia and ran a parish there for more than a decade before departing in the midst of a dispute with the Coptic Pope over his authoritarian style.

In Australia, he began an online ministry that eventually moved to cable television. Reaching a worldwide audience that grew into the millions, he preached that Islam was a misguided religion and that the prophet Muhammad was a morally challenged man who engaged in homosexual acts and was a necrophiliac.

Such teachings earned him the ire of the governments of Egypt, Iran and Saudi Arabia; Al Qaeda allegedly declared a fatwa, calling for his death and offering a reported $60 million to his killer.

Early in the last decade, he relocated to Orange County, where he bought real estate under his legal name. He kept his whereabouts quiet, but his ministry continued. Hundreds of episodes of his 90-minute show were transmitted on the Coptic satellite channel, Al-Hayat, before the show was cancelled in 2010. A year later, he launched his own network, Westminster-based Alfady, where his programs continued.

Botros’ views are in sharp contrast to those of mainstream Coptic leaders, who have condemned the film. Coptic Christianity traces its roots to Egypt, where it was said to have been founded by one of Christ’s apostles. Its followers constitute the largest religious minority in Egypt.

The controversial film has very unfortunately put lives of the US nationals around the world into serious threat. Muslim riots have spread through Middle East, North Africa and a number of Asian nations. The grand mufti of Saudi Arabia, Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Abdullah Al al- Sheikh condemned the attacks while urging governments and international bodies to criminalize insults against prophets – a reference to freedom of speech in the US and in countries such as Denmark, where the publication of a series of cartoons lampooning the prophet Muhammad sparked violence and worldwide protests in 2005. He described the short film as miserable and criminal, but said attacks on diplomats and other innocent people were a distortion of the Islamic religion and are not accepted by God.

Al-Qaida, in contrast, went public with an attempt to commandeer the outpouring of anger over the film, calling on its followers to stage more attacks that would expel American embassies from Muslim soil.

A statement posted on a website used by al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula called on Muslims to “follow the example of Omar al-Mukhtar’s descendants (Libyans), who killed the American ambassador.”

“Let the step of kicking out the embassies be a step towards liberating Muslim countries from the American hegemony,” the Yemen-based group said.

Al-Qaida went on to encourage Muslims living in the West to be involved in the struggle, saying that they had an extra duty to be involved in attacks because of their access to Western targets. “They are more capable of doing harm and reaching the enemy is easier for them,” the group said in a statement.

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