ISIS promoter website attacking UN and other websites

ISIS Jihadi William Nana Beeko

ISIS funding news website

After their defeat in Iraq and tough time in Syria, Islamic State (ISIS) has been spreading wing in other nations, such as India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, Ghana, Philippines and even some of the Western nations. According to website, ISIS has found a base in Ghana and has been running a website named from there. The Ghanaian authorities are fully aware of the existence of this website, but for some reason best known to them, they are not taking any action against site. People working in website are handlers of ISIS and are luring young Ghanaians towards jihad and secretly recruiting them. For some years, the case of Ghanaian youths joining Islamic State (ISIS) has become a big issue for the authorities in Ghana as well as counterterrorism organizations around the world.


As ISIS websites are being regularly traced and shut-down by various governments in the world, ISIS found Ghana as the most ‘comfortable’ place and have already established a base under the cover of website.

The site has been a safe haven for terrorist, jihadists and dubious entities, which are spreading various types of concocted information and even placing threats on secularist and anti-jihadist individuals in the world. Most surprisingly this site does not have any office address save a post box number.

Here are some links to website’s articles in favor of jihad:

Jihad in Islam a concept misconstrued (Link: )

I believe in Jihad (Link:

Africa is home to more than 20,000 jihadists from the Islamic State group and Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. In Ghana, ISIS has been recruiting jihadist from the college and universities since 2015 and according to BBC news, Ghanaian authorities were investigating the cases of recruitments by ISIS. Mohammad Nazir Nortei Alema, a 25 year old who studied geography at the prestigious Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, was confirmed as one of those who had joined ISIS.

United Nations websites attacked and vandalized by ISIS

According to information, team of jihadists have hacked one of the websites owned by the International Labor Organization, an affiliated concern of the United Nations and had illegally altered the contestants. Here is the link: Although this matter has already been brought into the attention of Ghanaian authorities and their missions abroad, no action had ever been initiated by any of these bodies. It is rumored that many of the Ghanaian diplomats abroad are extending service to ISIS in exchange for a hefty amount of cash. Diplomatic ‘pouch’ of the Ghanaian missions are used as a source of passing ISIS communications with the jihadists as well as mobilizing various contraband items. In most of the cases, members of the Ghanaian mission [in some cases even the ambassadors] are directly extending ‘cooperation’ to ISIS in exchange for money.

Dubious activities of Ghanaian embassies

Ghana maintains several diplomatic missions abroad. But, their embassies in India, Russia, Israel, United States, United Kingdom, Italy etc are being used by ISIS in passing funds to the local terror outfit. ISIS has already found the best partner in the Ghanaian foreign mission and in fact, these missions are regularly working as a front of this notorious jihadist outfit.

According to newspaper reports, although in its website, claims to be ‘Ghana’s leader in general news and information destination online; and says “and it integrates credible Ghanaian content and perspectives. The credibility carved over the years has been intact championing the focus of a Modern Ghana which features a wide range of contents”, the reality is, this site is continuing propaganda in favor of jihad while it is directly making foul bids of sabotaging the existing great relations between Israel, India, Russia, Ghana and the world, while it also is making the same foul bid in sabotaging Bangladesh-India and Bangladesh-Ghana relations.

Our team of investigative journalists has found several dangerous attempts made by is not only sabotaging relations between India and Bangladesh but it also has been giving direct instigation to various jihadist outfits in waging war against Indian authorities. In an article titled ‘Difference between Talibans and Arsa’ (link: ), the wrote, “This situation will further worsen when India would drive-away, more than forty million Muslims from its north-eastern region. Another jihadist group of a few hundred thousand people would take birth. Maybe, Indian Muslim Salvation Army or IMSA”; meaning the website has clearly given instigation to the jihadists in forming a new front named IMSA!

In another article titled ‘India turning into a nation of and for Hindus’, wrote: “Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its ally Rashtriya Shayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also want to prove that Hindus were forcefully converted into Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism etc. Their agenda is to get those converted Hindus returned to their ancestral religion- Hinduism. Those who would refuse to this option would lose their rights of living in Hindu State of India.”

People who are working in website are William Nana Beeko, Aric Joe Ayivi, Samuel Ekow Amoasi Appiah, Pamela Ofori-Boateng, Raphael Kobina Nyame, Musthapha Attractive and Emmanuel Ajarfor Abugri.

At top of the website, there is a bar named ‘Members’, which is claimed to be ‘Social Community – Modern Ghana’. In this page, there are photographs of many individuals, most possibly with fake names and locations. This page is built with the agenda of befooling the visitors.

The so-called Editor of website, William Beeko, proclaims himself as a trained journalist though there is no information on his past experience in journalism. It is further learnt that website went online in 2004, with the initial patronization of Pakistani spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) and some Islamist terror outfit based in Afghanistan. But since 2014, this has been serving the purpose of ISIS and other jihadist outfits in the African continent with the sole agenda of spreading jihad or radical Islamic terrorism.

It is easily understandable that William Nana Beeko, being an extremely dubious individual might have been picking up named of some individuals who aren’t in the society and might have been writing articles using those names to fit the purpose of his patrons – ISIS and ISI.

In fact, William Nana Beeko is a master cyber criminal and he definitely has the ulterior agenda of complying with the desires of ISIS or ISI or both, against a hefty amount of cash.

Ghanaian government too affiliated with ISIS!

According to some observers, as the Ghanaian authorities are extremely corrupt and fraud and are mostly connected with scammers and fraud rackets and that is why they are totally reluctant in taking any action against websites like They even say, due to such situation in Ghana, it is very easy for the jihadist and militancy outfits in establishing root in Ghana by bribing the authorities.

Is Ghana becoming a hotspot to jihadists!

It is said, with money anything can be done in Ghana, as the government and all other institutions are extremely corrupt. Under such circumstance, it won’t be impossible for ISIS or similar jihadist outfits in establishing a root in Ghana and start recruiting jihadists against the payment of comparatively lesser amounts of money.

The source of income of

Anyone visiting the website will realize this racket runs few more websites and most interestingly, none of these sites enjoy advertisements save Google Adsense – meaning these sites must be receiving funding from the ISIS and other Islamic Terrorist outfits as well as Pakistani spy agency.

The Nigeria connection

William Nana Beeko maintains connections with the scammers from Nigeria as well as the notorious terror outfit named Boko Haram. For this reason, he maintains some website in Nigeria or has been running some website in pretending to be from Nigeria.

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