Modi abandons Sheikh Hasina ahead of Bangladesh Polls

Bangladesh has been portrayed as a close ally of India in recent years. Prime Minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina has readily been meeting almost all the demands of her Indian counterpart – governments led by the Indian National Congress and the BJP, led by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

However, the majority in the ruling party, Awami League believes that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shifted his Bangladesh policy and has abandoned Sheikh Hasina at a crucial time when her party’s remaining in power for the third consecutive term is totally uncertain.

With issues as, the upgradation of NRC in Assam, Citizenship Amendment Bill, and deportation of illegal Bangladeshis from India, are growing up as a serious issue nationwide, putting current BJP government in extreme discomfort, Bangladesh is also facing the heat.

Back in 2014, INC government not only extended its all-out support to Sheikh Hasina and her party, but they also exerted Indian influence openly to ensure Sheikh Hasina’s continuation. Awami League had expected similar support from Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) during the upcoming Bangladesh polls. But, known from sources, BJP top brasses are secretly liaising with the BNP as it is seen as the next party in power.

As per Bangladesh based political analysts, an autocratic ruler like Sheikh Hasina has become a liability for BJP.

On other hands, with India’s withdrawal of support towards Sheikh Hasina, it is anticipated that Sheikh Hasina may take revenge once she manages as the third consecutive term. On the other hand, BNP also may not cooperate with India as it is known to be anti-Indian in policy and has been playing the anti-India card in its campaign already.

In both cases, Bangladesh may witness the emergence of anti-India insurgencies and once again promote militancy in the nearest future. More importantly, a friendly government at Bangladesh is critical for resolving major issues such as the deportation of illegal migrants in India’s eastern states.

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