Notorious terrorist outfit ISIS running website

ISIS funded William Nana Beeko

Counterterrorism organizations around the world simply got surprised seeing the existence of a website named, which has been funded by notorious terror outfit ISIS. According to information, William Nana Beeko, Editor-in-Chief of the website who is a terrorist having underground connections with Islamic State (ISIS), Boko Haram and Al Shabab. He is a notorious criminal, who is hiding beneath the identity of the so-called editor in chief of

Although in its website, claims to be ‘Ghana’s leader in general news and information destination online’; and says “and it integrates credible Ghanaian content and perspectives. The credibility carved over the years has been intact championing the focus of a Modern Ghana which features a wide range of contents”, the reality is, this site is continuing propaganda in favor of jihad while it is directly making foul bids of sabotaging the existing great relations between Israel, India, Russia, Ghana and the world, while it also is making the same foul bid in sabotaging Bangladesh-India and Bangladesh-Ghana relations.

Our team of investigative journalists has found several dangerous attempts made by is not only sabotaging relations between India and Bangladesh but it also has been giving direct instigation to various jihadist outfits in waging war against Indian authorities. In an article titled ‘Difference between Talibans and Arsa’, (link: here) the wrote: “This situation will further worsen when India would drive-away, more than forty million Muslims from its north-eastern region. Another jihadist group of a few hundred thousand people would take birth. Maybe, Indian Muslim Salvation Army or IMSA”; meaning the website has clearly given instigation to the jihadists in forming a new front named IMSA!

In another article titled ‘India turning into a nation of and for Hindus’, wrote((link here)) – “Ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and its ally Rashtriya Shayamsevak Sangh (RSS) also want to prove that Hindus were forcefully converted into Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Sikhism etc. Their agenda is to get those converted Hindus returned to their ancestral religion- Hinduism. Those who would refuse this option would lose their rights of living in the Hindu State of India.”

The website published an article titled ‘Bangladesh: Return of 1975 syndrome’, where it wrote, “To keep Sheikh Hasina within their tight grip, RAW played shadow role behind the romance of Sheikh Hasina’s daughter Saima Wazed Putul with Mashroor Hussain. Mashroir, though is the son of Musharraf Hussain, an accused collaborator of Pakistan in the war of independence of Bangladesh, Mashroor was picked up by RAW during his student life.”

It also has categorically claimed in a number of articles by Syed Ulfat Ahmed stating that Bangladesh had ‘secretly’ purchased Novichok nerve agent from Russian.

All of such false and disturbing articles had been published by the notorious website with the lone agenda of damaging existing relations between Bangladesh and Ghana in particular as well as Ghana and Russia.

Who is M A Hossain really?

Our team has already identified the writer of website, M A Hossain. According to their findings, this is actually Major (Sacked) Mohammed Arif Hossain (M A Hossain), a condemned convict for killing seven innocent people in 2014 in Narayanganj district in Bangladesh. Although Major (Sacked) Arif Hossain is in prison since 2014, it is a matter of great curiosity as to how has picked up this name and started getting ill-motivated articles published.

Who is Syed Ulfat Ahmed really?

Beneath one of the many articles written by Syed Ulfat Ahmed, [link here], a sister concern of has published the address of Syed Ulfat Ahmed, which is totally fake. Here again, it should be mentioned that the website has most definitely used a fake name of a non-existent individual with the ulterior agenda of spreading rumors against India, Russia, and Bangladesh.

After going through the writing style of the so-called Syed Ulfat Ahmed anyone can easily realize that both the writings though use different names but contain the similar writing style. This clearly proves that – M A Hossain and Syed Ulfat Ahmed are the same person.

Who is William Nana Beeko?

The so-called Editor in Chief of website proclaims himself as a trained journalist though there is no information on his past experience in journalism.

ISIS William Nana Beeko
ISIS funded William Nana Beeko

It is further learnt that website went online in 2004, with the initial patronization of Pakistani spy agency Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI) and some Islamist terror outfit based in Afghanistan. But since 2014, this has been serving the purpose of ISIS and other jihadist outfits in the African continent with the sole agenda of spreading jihad or radical Islamic terrorism.


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Notorious terrorist outfit ISIS running website

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