Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan starts hiding facts


The cat is finally out of the bag! Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan (Army No: BA002428, Course: 8-BMA, Commission Date: 10-06-1983), who has already smuggled out a large sum of money to the United Kingdom has started manipulating the photographs right in his own websites, sensing legal consequences as well as getting caught red-handed of his connection with Mohammad Rafiqul Amin, managing director of a fraudulent multilevel marketing company, Destiny 2000 Limited, Destiny Tree Plantation Limited and other enterprises of Destiny Group. Following the publication of a report in Times of Assam on March 9, 2012, where Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan is seen with Abdul Gaffar Chowdhury and managing director of Destiny 2000 Limited, Mohammad Rafiqul Amin, which was taken on June 16, 2011, the crook Shahid Uddin Khan has re-posted the photographs in his website buy excluding the portions of Mohammad Rafiqul Amin. But before he could do this, the picture was already preserved in the archive of Times of Assam and we already have published both the current and previous pictures, as evidence of Colonel Shahid’s fraud.

Seeing the photographs of Mohammad Rafiqul Amin of Destiny Group with Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan at later London residence, crime analysts opine that the ex-army officer might have been also involved in smuggling of millions of dollars by Destiny 2000 Limited and its sister concerns to various countries. It is also apprehended that Destiny 2000 Limited might have offered the huge sum of money to Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan by showing the sale of Bandishahi Cold storage Limited in Comilla at an exorbitant price, which actually was Destiny’s bribe offered to Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan and other members of Prochhaya Limited. Many even smell high profile bribery by Destiny 2000 Limited under the cover of Bandishahi Cold storage Limited, which again is a very minor project without any real existence of equipment and machinery. It is also believed by the crime analysts that, Mohammad Rafiqul Amin might have established a base in the United Kingdom by putting Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan and his family at the upfront, to coordinate smuggling of huge sum of money that Destiny 2000 Limited and its affiliate concerns have collected from the innocent people by selling shares of fake projects. It may be mentioned here that, Destiny 2000 Limited, Destiny Tree Plantation Limited and other fraudulent enterprises of this MLM company have collected at least 55 thousand crores Taka from more than 4 million small investors.

Shahid Rafiqul Bangladesh

It may be mentioned here that, Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan formed a business enterprise named Prochhaya Limited with Shaheen Siddique and Tasmia Noorin Siddique, wife and daughter of Major General (Retired) Tarique Siddique, who is the Defense Advisor of the Bangladeshi Prime Minister and brother-in-law of Sheikh Rehana (sister of the PM). The ex-Colonel is engaged in numerous illegal activities by cashing the names of Major General (Retired) Tarique Siddique and Sheikh Rehana. It is also believed that Destiny 2000 Limited’s mastermind Mohammad Rafiqul Amin might have been maintaining relations with the ex-Colonel due to Shahid’s close ties with the influential members of the Prime Minister’s family. It is also assumed that Mohammad Rafiqul Amin might have visited the United Kingdom in June 2011 to seek help from some influential people through Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan in stopping the ongoing investigation by the Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Home Affairs, Anti Corruption Bureau and Bangladesh Bank, which already are checking series of allegations of severe irregularities and crime within Destiny 2000 Limited and its sister concerns, thus smuggling of millions of dollars in various countries.

It may be mentioned here that, Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan suddenly emerged as a multi-millionaire right after Bangladesh Awami League formed government and he already has invested GBP 1 million in the United Kingdom and established a multi-million dollar business enterprise named Zumana Investments and Properties Limited (Unit-29, Bow Triangle Business Centre, Eleanor Street, E3 4UR, London, UK). With such investment, Colonel (Retired) Md. Shahid Uddin Khan obtained immigrant status in the United Kingdom under Visa Tier 1 (Investor) Migrant, VAF No: 511702 in the month of November 2009, along with his wife Farjana Anjum and daughters Shehtaz Munasi Khan and Parisa Pinaz Khan. They are now investing millions of dollars in the United Kingdom in the real estate sector. The entire amount of money was sent to United Kingdom through illegal channel, while it is even learnt that Mohammad Rafiqul Amin of Destiny 2000 Limited might have made a large amount of payment to Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan from his (Rafiqul Amin’s) hidden foreign bank accounts, where millions of dollars were already trafficked from Bangladesh. We are continuing to receive specific evidence on illegal Money Laundering by Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan, which will be published in future once the matters are duly verified by overseas correspondents of  Times of Assam.

Meanwhile, a number of senior and mid-ranking officers in Bangladesh Army have expressed annoyance seeing Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan displaying photographs of a number of army officers in his business websites. They feel that such display of photograph is done with an ulterior motive and those officers shown receiving crest from the controversial and questioned business company of the ex-Colonel, would cause damage to their reputation and image. “Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan has visibly blackmailed the officers by giving those officers crests and later putting the pictures on display in the websites. Such actions by the ex-Colonel have an ulterior motive”, they said.

Following the publication of a number of reports in Times of Assam on the illegal activities of Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan and his smuggling of a huge amount of money, Bangladesh Bank, Anti Corruption Commission, National Security Intelligence and Directorate General of Forces Intelligence have started investigating the matter. It is also learnt from dependable sources that the office of the Prime Minister is also going to instruct the authorities concerned to investigate the case of Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan.

Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan uses various covers to hide his illegal activities as well as to remain trusted to the ruling party and influential people in power. He participates in various programs of Sector Commander’s Forum and gives lectures. He also is associated with Ghatak Dalal Nirmul Committee. It is learnt that Colonel Shahid collects donations from various individuals and business enterprises for this organization. It is interesting to note that Colonel (Retired) Shahid Uddin Khan turned into a multi-millionaire just within the span of two years practically simply by using the influence of being the partner of Shaheen Siddiqui, wife of Major General (Retired) Tarique Siddique, defense advisor to the Bangladeshi Prime Minister and brother-in-law of Prime Minister’s younger sister, Sheikh Rehana. He also continues to use Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), Directorate General of Forces Intelligence (DGFI), National Security Intelligence (NSI) and other law enforcing agencies in Bangladesh in order to frighten his business and interest rivals.

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Retired Colonel Shahid Uddin Khan starts hiding facts

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