Satchari arms recovery in Bangladesh is Drama by RAB


At one end Bangladesh is signing for a deep-sea port agreement with China (which may become a big threat to Indian economy) and at other end, Dhaka is staging the so-called arms recovery at Satchari National Park in Chunarughat Upazila of Habiganj district. This arms recovery is being claimed with the double agenda of rebuilding the image of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) and at the same time giving a strong signal to Narendra Modi govt. of India that this often alleged illegitimate govt. of Sheikh Hasina is committedly continuing its offensives against the separatist groups of the North-Eastern India.

Such effort of the Bangladeshi authorities are clearly aimed at getting sympathy of the newly elected Modi Govt. Recently the Upazila Nirbahi Officer of the respective upazila has shown a journalist, a recovered leaflet of the so called separatists which appeared in different print media. An eminent defense analyst has told Times of Assam that this leaflet issue is likely to be a cooked up case. The RAB is claiming that the arms are at least 20 years old. Then how come a computer composed leaflet printed with the help of latest technology appears in the same place!

Actually this entire Satchari Arms Haul issue is nothing but a drama where the producer is Security Advisor to Prime Minister, Major General (retired) Tareque Ahmed Siddique and the director is RAB Additional Director General Colonel Ziaul Ahsan. These duos were also behind the Chowdhury Alam disappearance, Ilias Ali Disappearance, Saudi diplomat Khalaf Ali Murder, Journalists Couple Sagar Sarwar – Meherun Runi Murder, and the latest Narayanganj 11 murder. This duo has now come up with staging a new show to recover the tainted image of RAB and to appease the govt. of Narendra Modi in India.

Already the Indian newspaper Anandabazar has published a report claiming that RAB worked with a tip from Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW). Point to be noted, this very newspaper was vigorously defaming Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party during the Lok Sabha election campaign. And more prematurely few newspapers have also started accusing ULFA for this arms cache. But a prominent political analyst Arefin Shams told, “I already have written a vivid article on 10 trucks arms haul case naming ‘should the patriots face the gallows?’. There I have tried to sort out the reason behind this arms haul and government’s ill motive behind convicting some patriot armed forces officers.

This current Shatchari arms capture can be claimed to be nothing but a drama. Possibly these are the same arms which were shown in 10 trucks arms haul case. RAB has this infamous track record of using the same trap repeatedly to harass several people. Now govt. will try all out to link this Shatchari incident to the 10 trucks arms haul. The 10 trucks arms haul case is moving to the High Court very soon. Government is trying desperately to complicate the matter.

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Satchari arms recovery in Bangladesh is Drama by RAB

By: Noor E Julfiqar Read time: 8 min