Sheikh Hasina as Prime Minister of Bangladesh is a disaster – what Security Analysts say


In 2014, the then Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh said that Modi would be a disaster as Prime Minister.

Is it indistinguishable happening to Bangladesh from the General Elections in Bangladesh is only a couple of days to go?

Sheikh Hasina as a Prime Minister of Bangladesh is a disaster for not just Bangladesh but in India and other countries too. This is very evident from the fact that in recent times, it was completely an autocracy in play with a grave violation of human rights, oppression of freedom of speech and the press, secret killings and using military power to silence the political opponents of Hasina. In fact, Human Rights Watch had accused Bangladesh of targeting activists and journalists to silence dissent and even Michelle Bachelet had used her first statement as UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to raise the issue of attacks on journalists in Bangladesh.

According to a Dhaka-based human rights group Odhikar, over 400 people have become the victim of forced disappearance from 2009 to 2017 under the current Sheikh Hasina administration and these incidents along with extrajudicial killings in Bangladesh has been criticized by The United Nations and human rights groups including Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), a special paramilitary unit in Bangladesh, is alleged to be behind most of these disappearances.

Due to Hasina’s autocracy, even the Chief Justice of Bangladesh Surendra Kumar Sinha had to flee out of Bangladesh as he ruled judgments against Hasina administration. The same story is applicable for several key people in the country under a Hasina’s regime where they had to flee from the nation.

Hasina is playing the trump card by using Islamic terrorism as an excuse to use power against opponents, but it is the actions of Hasina which had created the root of terror. The DGFI under Hasina’s comment preferred everything that had to push their criminals to India, under the nose of Indian intelligence. All of those Bangladeshi criminals were pushed into India with the help of the DGFI.

In addition, the ‘terrorism trump card’ is benefiting Hasina to get benefits of funds from the US and other countries as the package of counter-terrorism. But if counted, the so-called Flush out of Militant Leaders of North East India, operating out of Bangladesh, such as ULFA, NDFB etc was not done by Hasina in reality. It was the internal conflicts within the groups such as ULFA which had led to this and this was visible to Indian Agencies, more clearly to people of Assam. The pro-talk faction had disputes against Paresh Baruah faction and left. On other hands Hasina and her cohorts seized the funds from ULFA, NDFB etc and India is reported to have paid her handsomely for the handover of Ranjan Daimary, Rajkumar Meghen alias Sana Yaima of UNLF, etc.

The current propaganda by Hasina that her major opponent BNP is a terror funded organization is not correct, on the same lines. Almost all the major leaders of the BNP and their ally Jatiya Oikya Front have been arrested and put behind bars, by means of vandalized judiciary and autocracy. Hasina is also alleged to be feeding ISI terrorists, using the context of the Rohingya Muslim migrants flash out from Myanmar. These flush out led to the rise of ISIS backed terror groups and they are alleged to be funded and supported by Hasina and DGFI.

Hasina’s chief Security advisor retired Major General Tarique Ahmed Siddique is alleged to be supporting the same. Security analysts believe that if Hasina wins, Islamic terrorism backed by ISIS will rise more and spread to other Asian countries. Bangladesh has gone back to support Pakistan and creating more trouble for India. Numerous Bangladeshi individuals are escaping out of the nation to India, US, Canada, and the UK because of Hasina’s dictatorship. Donald Trump is not aware of the reality in Bangladesh.

Meanwhile, BJP is supposed to not to support Hasina as Hasina’s victory will be disastrous for India with her creating more and more Jihadi elements. Hasina is trying to create a tie-up with BJP to have a citizenship amendment bill for India, which is getting extreme push back and wise spread resentment in Indian states such as Assam, already.

Hasina is begging support from the US president Donald Trump to stay in power, as she knows that if she loses her truth will come out with respect to secret killings, corruption etc and even may get handed. However, Bangladesh press is not daring to publish anything against her as there has been a lot of notorious instances of Bangladeshi journalists being put behind bars with false charges!

The Donald Trump administration needs to note that ISIS backed terror is on the rise during the Hasina’s regime and needs to investigate this issue as a global concern.

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Sheikh Hasina as Prime Minister of Bangladesh is a disaster – what Security Analysts say

By: Noor E Julfiqar Read time: 13 min