Sting task exposing Sheikh Hasina – Fake Audio clip was created against BNP leader


An audio clip, guaranteeing it to be between Khandaker Mosharraf Hossain, Standing Committee individual from the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), and one Mehmood, professed to be an authority of Pakistani government operative office Inter-Service Intelligence (ISI), has been distributed by a few paid Bangladeshi and non-Bangladeshi news entrances.

As revealed before about our sting task, our operational fellow, dug in Hasina team, detailed the audio clip was not a phone discussion of claimed fellows but rather made by the Sheikh Hasina team as a recording studio. The audio clip is clearly audible as manipulated audio, not a phone call tapping.

The fake audio clip was recorded at a studio owned by a Bangladeshi journalist, who is internationally infamous for his extorting and cash ravenous character, and the voice was dubbed by none but his own brother who is also a part of the notorious blackmailing gang.

The website, Asian Tribune, which published the audio clip first, has reported proving that the BNP is being supported by ISI to win the upcoming general elections in Bangladesh. To distribute such fake news, Asian Tribune site proprietor K T Rajasingham was paid 5 thousand US dollars, which was exchanged from Malaysia to Rajasingham’s Sweden-based financial balance.

It is to be noted that the owner of Asian Tribune, K T Rajasingham, a part of online fraudsters, had fled from Sri Lanka with degenerate cash previously. Further, a Swedish court had found Asian Tribune Editor KT Rajasingham and the World Institute for Asian Studies, which operates the website, guilty of “gross defamation. K T Rajasingham and his self-proclaimed World Institute for Asian Studies Institute have a history of defaming and harassing people by publishing fake news. The website is infamous for extorting individuals by maligning new and the general population in the background basically works out of Malaysia.

The fabricated audio clip, is circulated and went for vested political intrigue and is potentially a paid news aimed to raise public opinion against the Jatiya Oikya Front and its ally Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) which is expanding prevalence in the battles for the Bangladesh general elections.

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Sting task exposing Sheikh Hasina – Fake Audio clip was created against BNP leader

By: Noor E Julfiqar Read time: 6 min