Tour Luxury Of Bangladeshi Foreign Minister

By- Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury | Date- October 04, 2011

By educational background, she is a physician, while never have practiced in the entire life, except being very active as a lower-mid level political activist. Though there is no allegation of being a corrupt, the Bangladeshi foreign minister, Dr. Dipu Moni spent 13 months in foreign tour during her 34 month’s minister ship. During these 13 months, she has made 101 foreign trips, thus spending millions of dollars from the national exchequer while has not been able in the most minimum level of contributing anything substantive through such travel luxury and fabulous wastage of public money.

Only during 2009, when the Bangladesh Awami League formed the government, the first-ever female foreign minister of the country, who has no past experience of diplomacy or foreign relations, Dr. Dipu Moni made 34 foreign trips, which already has bypassed all previous records of any of the foreign ministers in the country. In 2010 again, she made 34 trips. Only during 2009-2010, she spent more than 9 months in various countries.

After becoming the foreign minister, Dr. Dipu Moni made public announcements of giving everything required to India for the sake of improving the bilateral relations. It was rumored in the political circle in the country that she was selected in the most sensitive and important position of the foreign minister, under the direct blessings from New Delhi. She also has exhibited her loyalty and gratitude towards India by behaving as a mere lobbyist if notadvocate of defending Indian interest instead of looking into the interest of the country, which has made her the foreign minister, thus giving her the un-confronted opportunity of fulfilling her last drop of desire of foreign tours by spending heavily from the national exchequer of the country, which still is amongst the poorest nations in the world.

Because of total failure of the foreign minister, prospect of Bangladeshi workers in the Middle East has been greatly decreasing while the doors for the locals in getting fresher job opportunities in Malaysia has already been shut-off. She has been amongst the front-players in playing nasty with the issue of Dr. Muhammed Yunus and his post in Grameen Bank, which already has greatly tarnished Bangladesh’s image in the international arena, as well has put Dhaka into awkward situation with Washington in particular. Western nations in particular are unhappy over Bangladesh’s government’s foul play with Dr. Yunus.

A number of senior leaders of the ruling party believe that, Dr. Dipu Moni is given free hand by the Prime Minister in particular in doing anything she would want, simply because, New Delhi has been continuously showering blessings towards the much talked about Bangladeshi foreign minister. Some critics even inside the foreign minister silently call Dr. Dipu Moni as the Special Envoy of India, who very nakedly tries to defend India’s interest, while completely ignoring the interests of her own country.

During the recent-past Dhaka trip of the Indian Prime Minister, Dr. Dipu Moni came under media’s gun-point, when her prediction of signing of the Teesta River water sharing treaty turned into not a huge joke, as New Delhi refrained from signing such treaty showing the lame excuse of objection raised by Mamata Bannerjee. Just 14 odd hours before, when Dhaka was already aware of New Delhi’s decision of putting the Teesta water sharing treaty aside, Dr. Dipu Moni made her last effort of befooling the Bangladeshi media and the people by firmly confirming the signing of the treaty despite all wrong speculations. But, finally, when Dr. Manmohan Singh simply refused to sign the treaty, Dr. Dipu Moni did not come up with any further statement on this issue, except her very original style of delivering words by peculiarly rotating her lips, which in most cases, are rather video pain for the television viewers. She possibly loves her style of lip rotating considering it would present her to public as an intellectual and experienced individual. But, she surely never realizes that, both her talking style with lip rotating in funny manner as well as her series of failures in upholding the interest of the country, has already sealed her image and position as Ms. Caricature.

In a number of international events, including the much publicized ceremony where Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina was presented the Indira Gandhi Award, the Bangladeshi foreign minister’s childish attitude of collecting autograph of the Indian President, Prime Minister and other dignitaries on the invitation card was a massive joke in the diplomatic and political circle in India. Some of the kind-hearted Indian policymakers even made remarks at Dipu Moni saying Bachcha hain(she is a kid). It is learnt from numerous sources and even newspapers reports and op-eds in Bangladesh and India that, Dr. Dipu Moni, from the very beginning, was rather seen as a Pro-Indian politician instead of a foreign minister. She though enjoys New Delhi’s blessings, it is learnt that, due to her over obedience, Indian foreign ministry as well as Indian high commission in Bangladesh, never take her words or comments with any minimum seriousness. India firmly believes Dipu Moni has been enjoying the luxury and privileges of Bangladeshi foreign minister simply because of her unconditional loyalty towards New Delhi.

Some of the responsible officials at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accuse Dipu Moni for her continuous failures, which have resulted in dysfunction of most of the foreign missions of Bangladesh abroad. She has no past experience as well as minimum capacity of running the important office of the Foreign Ministry, though she considers herself to be the only well informed and experienced individual in the country.

“Don’t talk about her! She is nothing but a painful chattering box”, said a senior official at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, when its attention was drawn on the activities of the minister.

Another section at the foreign ministry accused Dr. Dipu Moni for her frantic bid in salvaging the Bangladeshi ambassador in Nepal, Dr. Neem Chandra Bhowmick, who possibly has made a record of series of scandals, including sexual dirties, being greatly abusing his status of the envoy of Bangladesh. Neem Chandra Bhowmick, who considers Dr. Dipu Moni as a political junior in the pro-Awami League politics, has been maintaining regular contacts in the personal level with the Bangladeshi foreign minister, and trying his best in using the minister as his final card in saving his already rotten image. It is even rumored that, Neem Chandra Bhowmick will be now sent into an East European nations as the Bangladeshi ambassador, so that his activities do not come under such huge media exposure.

Miserably enough, most of the ministers in the current government in Bangladesh, have miserably failed. Dr. Dipu Moni certainly remains at the frontline of those failed ministers. Her name also remains at the top of the list of those ministers, who have been recklessly abusing public money, for no obvious reason.

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