Unmasking Sheikh Hasina : Billion Dollars smuggled out of Bangladesh to Britain


Consistently, more than four billion dollars are being pirated out of Bangladesh. The dominant part of this cash is saved in mystery financial balances of a portion of the degenerate individuals from the decision Bangladesh Awami League and their companions.

As per the Panama Papers distributed by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (IFIJ), and Paradise Papers distributed by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), a substantial number of Bangladeshi have covertly enlisted seaward organizations in Panama, the British Virgin Islands, and different nations. This pattern of carrying out billions of dollars started in 2009 when Bangladesh Awami League came into influence winning an avalanche triumph and the figure of cash being carried out is expanding each year.

Administering elites and their associates have additionally carried out an enormous entirety of cash to Canada, and in Toronto City, they as of now have acquired a tremendous volume of properties for the sake of their mates. This as of now is an open mystery and best dimension of the legislature know about these illicit exercises. Various Bangladeshi papers even have distributed reports on the properties of Bangladeshi undermines in Canada.

In Toronto City, the zone where the majority of such properties exist officially earned the terrible name as Begum Para or Spouses Area. Hostile to Corruption Commission (ACC) in Bangladesh isn’t having the capacity to start an examination and make a move against the culprits of such violations as these degenerate and guilty parties appreciate undeclared exemption and repayment.

A retired Colonel is more powerful than any serving General

On the off chance that anybody will Google the name of Colonel (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan and his business houses named Prochchaya Limited or Zumana Investment and Properties Limited, both in English and Bangla dialect, they’ll be paralyzed seeing huge amounts of proof of debasement and illicit exercises of Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan. They’ll likewise think about his affiliations with a fake MLM organization named Destiny Group, his snatching, and moving of government grounds and properties by fashioning archives etcetera.

ACC is also aware of these facts, but they no longer dare to touch this ex-Colonel, as he is a business partner of the family of Major General Tarique Ahmed Siddique, Prime Minister’s Security Advisor, and claims to a guardian and family friend of the UK Labour Party MP Tulip Siddiq.

Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan even goes further guaranteeing he has contributed an enormous measure of money amid the race crusades of Tulip Siddiq. Without a doubt, these are false cases spare the way that Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan and his better half Farzana Anjum are the colleagues in Prochchaya Limited in Bangladesh and Zumana Investment and Properties Limited in the UK, where Tulip’s fatherly uncle spouse and his little girl Nowrin Siddiq are holding shares.

Colonel (Retd) Shahid’s tactics of threatening ACC

Read arrangement of self-purposeful publicity materials of Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan on his organization’s blog archived at https://web.archive.org/.

The explanation for Col (Retd) Shahid’s resentment on ex-executive of ACC, Golam Rahman is, he started to research the associations between Destiny Group and Prochchaya Limited.

A serving Brigadier General published a lengthy propaganda in favor of Col(Retd) Shahid

Brigadier General ASM Bhuyan composed an extremely protracted purposeful publicity material and didn’t try giving his cell phone number, nearby this promulgation stuff. Something is wrecked here! Without a doubt, Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan appreciates favors from an exceptionally persuasive figure in the administration, which swung him into a man of enormous power.

Colonel (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan’s better half Farzana Anjum and their three girls are living in the United Kingdom as foreigners under the Investors Category visa. An authority in the Foreign Exchange Control Department of the Bangladesh Bank said they didn’t allow any reduction to Col (Retd) Shahid or his significant other Farzana to dispatch such a gigantic measure of cash to the United Kingdom and contribute there. That elucidates the sum had been snuck out wrongfully.

Bangladesh Bank’s Intelligence Wing and the Anti Corruption Commission are yet to investigate this serious case. But due to autocrat Sheikh Hasina and her cohort Tarique Ahmed Siddique’s pressure, the investigation is not proceeding.

The Westmont Power Company case

Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan gladly articulates in his blog expressing he had ‘kicked out’ the proprietors of Westmont Power Company – a Malaysia-Bangladesh joint endeavor. He has no issue in doing as such in light of the fact that he has endowments from some to a great degree degenerate figures of the decision elites.

A while back, this ex-Colonel orchestrated a street mishap and got Tajul Islam Faruk, executive of Westmont Power Company (kicked out by Col (Retd) Shahid) murdered in Habiganj area in Bangladesh. This ‘activity’ was executed by a confided in lapdog of this ex-Colonel – M. Sajjad Hussain, which Bangladeshi knowledge offices will never know.

Col (Retd) Shahid Khan’s cheating on the Defence Officer’s Housing Society

As per the existing standards of the general public, nobody can possess different plots from the Defense Officer’s Housing Society (DOHS). In any case, for the ex-Colonel, it is by all accounts a standard propensity for damaging any principles. He possesses a plot at Baridhara DOHS zone while additionally claims another plot at Mirpur DOHS. Why the individuals from DOHS are quiet on this issue?

Bondhishahi Cold Storage Case

This ‘cool stockpiling’ venture is situated in Comilla area. Truth be told, there is no chilly stockpiling at all spare a real estate parcel and a little development up to establishment or plinth level. This land had a place with the progenitors of Farzana Anjum, spouse of Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan. While the real market estimation of this property was ten million Takas in 2009, Col (Retd) Shahid made a business concurrence with Destiny Multipurpose Cooperative Society Limited (DMCSL) and demonstrated the estimation of Bondishahi Cold Storage at 810 million Takas! Later it was found out from Dhaka’s driving Bangla day by day Prothom Alo that Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan’s organization Prochchaya Limited had snuck out more than fifty billion takas from Bangladesh to different nations by working together with DMCSL and Destiny Group, a false MLM racket.

Despite the fact that ACC had stopped bodies of evidence against Destiny Group in 2012, and a few fat cats of the racket are in jail confronting preliminaries, the Anti Corruption Commission never explored the Connections of Prochchaya Limited with Destiny Group nor there had ever been any legitimate moves made against them. In any case, the previous executive of ACC, Golam Rahman endeavored to examine this issue and he turned into a casualty of bogus promulgation of Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan and his partners.

It ought to be referenced here, Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan and Prochchaya Limited are the accomplices in the proposed Destiny Bank Limited. Reports identified with this issue are accessible with the back service and Bangladesh Bank. This connection positively demonstrates the marriage between Prochchaya Limited and Destiny Group racket.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s silence is the answer

As far back as a lower court in Bangladesh passed on multi year’s thorough detainment to the Chairperson of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), on February 8, 2018, in a unite case stopped by the dubious military-upheld government in 2008, Bangladeshi Prime Minister has been guaranteeing openly that this judgment is a ‘proof’ of her administration’s ‘truthfulness’ in ‘battling defilement’. Be that as it may, this explicit proof of huge defilement and misrepresentation by a man having a place with her inward circles demonstrates those cases as minor feign. Else, Bangladeshi people need to see activities rather than insignificant clear words from Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, and quick examination concerning the charges brought against Col (Retd) Shahid Uddin Khan and his accomplices.

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Unmasking Sheikh Hasina : Billion Dollars smuggled out of Bangladesh to Britain

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