The Untold fact of the plotted Elections in Bangladesh


In 1971, Bangladesh was created on the fundamental ideology of establishing truest democratic rule, where multi-party parliament would effectively function, rule of law, freedom of expression and governments would strongly uphold the core value and essence of country’s sovereignty and independence. A patriotic Armed Forces would be totally vigil and functional by upholding the spirit of safeguarding country’s independence and integrity. People of Bangladesh, irrespective of religion, sect and gender sacrificed their blood, united into single platform being inspired by the mentioned aspirations. But unfortunately within less than four years of the independence, the government of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman not only scrapped democracy by introducing one-party authoritarian regime, but also grossly denied freedom of expression, freedom of judiciary and fundamental rights of the people of Bangladesh. Mujib introduced the evil culture of extra-judicial killings while he took the deadly and foul initiative of booting the esteem and dignity of Bangladesh Army, with the agenda of ultimately turning it as a mere lapdog of his regime. He also established a special militia named Rakshi Bahini, which was completely loyal to the ruling party and was engaging in abduction, secret killing, rape and gross intimidation of the political opponents of the ruling elites. Civil and military officers loyal to Mujib and India, were placed into key positions irrespective of their professional skill and caliber. For a new born Bangladesh, such actions were clearly pushing the fate of the nation towards a failed state. Following assassination of Sheikh Mujib on 15th August, 1975 a group of army officers, totally loyal towards India attempted to grab power with the nefarious agenda of turning Bangladesh administrated and ruled under the exclusive whims and desires of New Delhi. But the patriotic members of the Bangladesh Armed Forces jointly with the active participation and support of the popular masses of the country salvaged the sovereignty and independence of Bangladesh by staging a mass revolt thus defeating the India loyalist officers of the army. Following assumption of the rule of President Ziaur Rahman, Mujib’s one-party rule was abolished while subsequently, multi-party system was restored.

During the General Election in 1996, Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Sheikh Mujib, sought apology to the people for wrongdoings of her father and appealed to the nation for giving her the mandate for ensuring better governance. But quickly after her party was voted into power and subsequently Bangladesh Awami League formed government with the support of Jamaat-E-Islami and deposed military dictator Hussain Mohammed Ershad’s Jatiya Party Party, the government of Sheikh Hasina got indulged into corruption, nepotism, terrorism and established the total reign of terror thus pushing country’s prosperous economy towards bankruptcy.

In 2001, the people of Bangladesh with the undeterred hope of freeing the country from the unholy clutches of Bangladesh Awami League, voted Bangladesh Nationalist Party to power with two-third majority. Earlier in 1991, following the ouster of dictator Ershad, BNP was voted into power although the then chief of army, Lt. General Nasim attempted unseating the government through a coup. Gen Nasim is widely known to be a loyalist of Sheikh Hasina.

When another general election was due to be held at 2006, Bangladesh Awami League boycotted it, while under direct instruction of the party supreme’s, extreme anarchism was staged countrywide while at the signal of Bangladesh Awami League, the then army chief General Moeen U Ahmed staged a bloodless coup thus continuing the autocratic rule of a military backed regime for almost two years. The illegal regime was visibly headed by General Moeen, whose prime agenda was to discredit politicians at large and controvice democratic institutes in Bangladesh. He went into arrest en-messed of the politicians including two heads of countries largest political parties- BNP and AL, while he was damaging country’s economic backbone by victimizing the entrepreneurs thus leaving the entire nation in the state of terror. This particular agenda of the military backed illegal regime was aimed at crushing Bangladesh’s export and production sector, which would particularly benefit a neighboring nation. But, surprisingly enough, the ruling party in India as well as Sheikh Hasina in Bangladesh were the most vocal advocates and supporters of this regime. When this illegal regime took office, Shekh Hasina delightedly attended the oath-talking ceremony, while Begum Khaleda Zia refrained and Shekh Hasina with broad smile told reporters that General Moeen’s government was the result of her movement against BNP. The secret “marriage” between AL and the illegal regime of General Moeen ultimately became over-exposed when Sheikh Hasina was made victorious through engineered election in 2008. Following this victory and formation of the government, Shekh Hasina and her cronies got into series of notorious actions including mass-corruption, murders, genocide and etc and it started walking ahead in implementing one-party rule once again in Bangladesh as per its blue-printed desire. The first attach was on country’s border security forces in particular and the Armed Forces as a whole. The bloody genocide inside Pilkhana Head Quarters of Bangladesh Rifles was practically allowed to continue for two days (February 25 & 26) both by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and General Moeen as they instead of taking any actions of rescuing the trapped army officers and members of their families Riffles, they gave sufficient time space to killers in murdering 57 officers of the Bangladesh Army while continuing brutalities on the members of their families, where even girl-children were not spared. The entire nation witnessed with huge outrage as to how Sheikh Hasina and her cronies including General Moeen were exposedly trying to protect the culprits of the pilkhana genocide. The examples of AL government’s misdeeds and crimes during 2009-2013 went such lengthy that Sheikh Hasina made iron-promise of continuing in power in definitely fearing the consequences, including trials of her nefarious actions during all these years, while the public opinion went most against the AL government. At this extreme crucial situation of Sheikh Hasina and her government, the corrupt and unpopular government of Indian National Congress not only pledged and conditional support in favor of Hasina but also the entire mechanism of India’s bureaucracy and its intelligence agencies where openly engaged in working in favor of Sheikh Hasina with the plan of letting her continue in power define the wrath of the popular masses in Bangladesh. Senior officials of the Indian administration including its foreign secretary were seen making frantic bids in favor of AL. Sheikh Hasina brought the 15th Amendment of the Constitution with the unholy desire of indefinitely continuing in power. She planted her loyalists at the election commission, civil and police administrations as well as the Key positions in Bangladesh Armed Forces. Anti-West sentiments were encouraged by the government as Sheikh Hasina knew well that Western nations as well as democratic countries globally won’t endorse her rowdy attempt of pushing Bangladesh under one-party rule. As BNP and other political parties were initially criticizing the 15th amendment of the constitution and later demanded holding of the 2014 General Election under a non-partisan government for ensuring level-playing field, AL was rigidly pushing ahead in holding the election without BNP with the help of AL’s political sweetheart General Ershad and his Jatiya Party. International community including United Nations, Commonwealth, United States and others although emphasized in holding of a free and fair election participated by all the political parties in Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina, in the name of dialogue was simply befooling the world as she was already determined in holding as so-called election on 5th January and impose one-party rule under the cover of restricted democracy. The top brasses of AL were aware that any election participated by BNP will cause total doom to Sheikh Hasina and her team as the people’s opinion were already against AL and its partners in the Grand Alliance. Sheikh Hasina by planting her own loyalists in civil and military administration including the Election Commission, left no minimum room for any free and fair election and was waiting for BNP to step into this trap similarly as BNP did in 2008, when General Moeen was set with every arrangements in making AL as the winner through an engineered election. Should BNP step into the trap of AL and participated in the engineered election of 2014 under Sheikh Hasina as the PM, the result would be made same as 2008, if not even worst. Because, Sheikh Hasina hardly values the opinion of the people of Bangladesh, rather she is firm in her determination in establishing one-party rule in the country, which was a dream of her assassinated father. And, she precisely understands that, such an agenda of suffocating democracy and establishing authoritarian rule won’t be accepted by any of the civilized nations in the world.

Much ahead of the scheduled election of January 2014, Sheikh Hasina’s government went into broad-based plan of intimidation of the political opponents with countrywide arrest of thousands of the leaders and supporters of BNP, filling of false cases against hundreds and thousands of people, abduction, forced disappearances, secret killings, attacks on religious minorities, violent attacks on the students in various campuses, series rapes by the armed cadres of the ruling party at Jahangir Nagar University and other educational institutions in Bangladesh, naked interference on judiciaries in stopping political opponents from getting justice, sacking civil and military officials or sending them on forced retirement paving ways for AL loyalists in occupying those positions etc etc. The solo reason behind all such evil actions were destined at smashing political opponents as well as patriotic forces in the country thus erecting the smooth path for Sheikh Hasina and her cronies in continuing in power indefinitely. The AL government played double-standard by imposing ban and restrictions on democratic rights of the political opponents in holding rallies, public meetings and even press conferences in one hand while the ruling party and its political concubines were allowed in holding any such activities not only freely but in many cases, they received active support from the members of the law enforcement agencies and the administration. The Election Commission was busy in formulating foul electoral laws with the clear agenda of protecting the interests of AL and its cronies with similar agenda in mind, the Election Commission played almost illegal role in registering a so-called political party named BNF, which was the brain-child of one of the sensitive intelligence agencies in the country. The Election Commission attempted allocating a symbol to this party which was very close to that of BNP’s party symbol. Such attempt clearly reflects the ulterior motive of the ruling party and its operatives including the highly polarized segment of the civil and military administration in helping Sheikh Hasina in continuing in power indefinitely. BNP and the partners of pro-nationalist forces clearly understood the entire game-plan of Awami League and Sheikh Hasina and rightly decided to boycott the January 5th General Election, as it was a trap of AL in pushing the country towards one-party dictatorship while Sheikh Hasina took all-out steps in ensuring there is no minimum space of level playing field in the election. Should BNP step into this election, the result would be similarly engineered as that of 2008 with the enthusiastic participation of AL-loyalist Election Commission and key-positioned members of the civil and military administration. Following the election, the AL would, in the name of National Government or All Party Government accommodate Ershad’s Jatiyo Party as well as anti-west leftists in it thus turning the parliament into mere mud-throwing field, where BNP and its alliance partners would be regularly denied raising any of the issues of national interest.

The post January 5 situation in Bangladesh is grave enough, where the one-party dictatorship is gradually spreading wings thus completely curtailing freedom of expression, freedom of judiciary, freedom of press and fundamental rights of the people of Bangladesh. The government of Sheikh Hasina, through its anti-west policy and bankrupt diplomacy is pushing Bangladesh towards isolation. Bangladesh truly is now under kakistocracy, which definitely stands as potential threat to national, regional and global security. Taking advantage of the kakistocracy in Bangladesh the country may turn into new avenue of terrorist and international mafias, including anti-west jihadists, which always takes refuge in a nation that is either isolated from the world or upholds anti-west nations.

The AL has pushed the standard of Bangladesh’s sovereignty to such a compromised level, where border guards of the neighboring country dares killing innocent Bangladeshi girl Felani Khatun or stages atrocities on Bangladeshi civilians and after being caught in the hidden camera, audaciously offers less than one thousand dollars for kicking a citizen of the country (Bangladesh). The government of Sheikh Hasina feels shy in protecting either of these cross-borders atrocities, ignoring the fact that such tendencies greatly undermine the very dignity of the nation.

Although AL had been pretending to the international communities and the people of Bangladesh that it truly is sincere in holding dialogue with Bangladesh Nationalist Party in resolving the political deadlock, it had never any real intention doing so, which was loud and clear before 5th of January as well as afterwards. AL leadership were repeatedly saying that it would hold election without participation of BNP and its alliances, while after the so-called election of 5th January, where 95 percent of the voters did not participate, the AL top brasses including the general secretary of the party clearly rejected the idea of holding any mid-term election forthwith and said the next election will take place in 2019 under the government of Sheikh Hasina. The general secretary of AL made this statement being aggrieved by the February 11th hearing of the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate, where assistant secretary of state Nisha Desai Biswal said, “On January 5, the government (in Bangladesh) held a deeply flawed election in which one of the two major political parties did not participate.”

She said, over half of the 300 members of parliament were elected unopposed (153 selected actually), and most of the rest faced only taken opposing.

Biswal who paid her first trip to Bangladesh in November 2013 said, she has urged leaders of the two major political parties in finding credible ways forward toward participatory elections. She said, United States supported the efforts of the United Nations to facilitate dialogue between the political parties in Bangladesh which did not succeed.

Immediately after the election, Biswal continued, “We issued a strong statement noting that the election was not a credible reflection of the will of the people and called for immediate dialogue to agree on new election as soon as possible.”

Sheikh Hasina seems to be completely ignoring the opinion of the people of Bangladesh and the global community and through the so-called election of 5th January, she already has established one-party autocracy, where the parliament is without any real opposition. On the other hand, nights of expression and democratic nights are being totally denied by this authoritarian regime in the name of restricted democracy.

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The Untold fact of the plotted Elections in Bangladesh

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