On Monday, December 10, 2012: As per decision of Times of Assam executive committee, Anirudha Bhakat Chutia is nominated & included as new member of Editor panel.

On Sunday, October 14, 2012: Amir Abbas Zahedi(Amir Hazarika) is terminated from the charge of Staff Correspondent of Jorhat district. He is terminated for violating Times of Assam‘s Rules & Policy. As of now he will be no more associated with us, and the press card issued to him from Times of Assam is no longer valid.  Henceforth,  Times of Assam will not be responsible for his activities. Violation type:  Denying to maintain phone contact even at urgent timing too.

On Wednesday, October 10, 2012: As per decision of Times of Assam executive committee, Dilip Dutta is nominated & included as new member of our Executive Committee.

On Thursday, April 18, 2013: Status of Priyankan Goswami, Anirudha Bhakat Chutia & Luit Chaliha has been changed from Editors to Guest Editors. Termination of Amir Abbas Zahedi has been lifted up and he is allowed to continue his contribution for Times of Assam.

On Thursday, May 30, 2013: Anirudha Bhakat Chutia has been terminated from the Guest Editors of Times of Assam. Krishna Kingkar Kakati  is appointed as new Guest Editor.

On Saturday, July 13, 2013: Krishna Kingkar Kakati will no longer serve as a Guest Editors of Times of Assam. Mr Kakati has been expelled from his charge.

On Wednesday, November 30, 2016: Er Anirna Kalita is appointed as Full-Time News Editor of Times of Assam.

On Friday, December 09, 2016: Chief Editor Dhruba Jyoti Deka is given temporary leave for his upcoming physical operation following a critical motor accident. Executive Editor Priyankan Goswami & Er Anirna Kalita will lead  on absence of Dhruba Jyoti Deka until recovery.