When Jews are against Israel!

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Thanks to G-d, for kindly exposing some more faces of the enemies of the State of Israel! I was thinking, just one Larry Luxner, staff reporter in the Jewish Telegraph Agency is against Israel and Jewish interests. But now I realized there is even more dangerous anti-Israel Jewish organization in the United States of America. Name of this organization is J Street! On its website jstreet.org, although this organization claims to be the ‘home of pro-Israel and pro-peace Americans’, in reality, it is a platform of defending Palestinians, Hamas, and enemies of Israel.

On its website, it claims, “J Street organizes and mobilizes pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans who want Israel to be secure, democratic and the national home of the Jewish people. Working in American politics and the Jewish community, we advocate policies that advance shared the US and Israeli interests as well as Jewish and democratic values, leading to a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

In reality, J Street is the most dangerous anti-Israel Jewish organization in America. The Obama Administration [led by President Barack Hussain Obama] gave them legitimacy by adopting their policies and having high ranking members of the administration speak at their conferences, calling for an “end to occupation” and “racism” against Palestinians.

According to the website, “J Street was created to serve as the political home and voice for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans [as a counter to the AIPAC, American Jewish Committee etc]. The views of the majority of American Jews were previously underrepresented and ignored in our politics. We’re changing that, and in the process transforming our national conversation about what it means to be pro-Israel. We advocate and engage on every level – in Washington, in political campaigns, in our communities, and on campuses. By changing the conversation, we open up political space for elected leaders to support policies that advance a secure, Jewish and democratic future for Israel and reflect the shared values that underlie the US-Israel relationship.”

J Street actually is a platform of the Palestinians and Hamas and it denies Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel. By promoting the so-called two-state policy [which already is lifeless], they actually are getting American policymakers, politicians, member of the US Congress confused. They even are making foul bids in establishing influence on the Trump administration. But, they will not be able in doing so. President Donald Trump is not appeasers and patron of radical Islam and antisemitism like Barack Hussain Obama and even his much-hyped Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

J Street has endorsed candidates like Bernie Sanders [a communist] and other anti-Israel Democrats. They give cover to Democrats who want to vote against Israel but not lose their “I am pro-Israel” street creed.

J Street, T’ruah, Peter Beinart, and leaders of the Reform movement are the real threat to Israel’s standing and survival.

J StreetPAC, the political arm of the self-styled “pro-Israel, pro-peace”, J Street, is drawing condemnation for its support of Michigan Democratic candidate for Congress Rashida Tlaib, who has voiced support for the BDS movement, a cut in U.S. military aid to Israel and the end of a two-state solution regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Following the withdrawal of their support for Rashida Tlaib, J Street declared in its website, “J Street will not endorse candidates who don’t endorse the two-state solution. After closely consulting with Rashida Tlaib’s campaign to clarify her most current views on various aspects of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, we have come to the unfortunate conclusion that a significant divergence in perspectives requires JStreetPAC to withdraw our endorsement of her candidacy.”

During her race for the Democratic nomination in the state primary, Tlaib actively sought the endorsement of the “pro-Israel and pro-peace” organization, which also allocates financial support for those who back JStreetPAC, the group’s affiliated political action committee. In order to win a vote of approval by the JStreetPAC’s board, Tlaib underwent the group’s extensive vetting process, which included personal interviews.

The JStreetPAC’s key principles for endorsement include “support for America prioritizing diplomacy toward a two-state outcome between Israel and the Palestinians, as well as “support for continued aid to Israel and the Palestinian Authority” and “opposition to the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions Movement.”

After her primary win, Tlaib gave multiple media interviews expressing views that diverged sharply with J Street’s, explicitly endorsing a one-state solution and opposing aid, a change celebrated by far-left Palestinian activists, who sharply criticized her for seeking out and receiving the J Street endorsement.

On August 7, Tlaib won the Democratic nomination for Michigan’s 13th Congressional district, a heavily African-American district that includes the city of Detroit and suburbs. Since no candidate ran in the Republican primary, Tlaib is expected to win the seat.

Following her victory, which, since she faces no Republican opposition in the November election, positions her to become one of the first Muslim congresswomen in Congress, her statements in media appearances have shifted sharply, contradicting the positions she represented to J Street.

In an interview with the website “In These Times,” Tlaib was asked whether she supported a one-state or two-state solution and responded “One state. It has to be one state. Separate but equal does not work. I’m only 42 years old but my teachers were of that generation that marched with Martin Luther King. This whole idea of a two-state solution, it doesn’t work.”

“How can [J Street] continue billing itself as a pro-Israel organization when it has backed a congressional candidate who had pledged [during election campaign] to vote against U.S. military aid to Israel when she gets to Congress?” the National Council of Young Israel (NCYI) questioned in a statement obtained by JNS.

J Street PAC has donated $2,700 to Tlaib’s campaign.

The organization added, “On Iran, Tlaib believes that the JCPOA [Iran nuclear deal of 2015] was working, and she supports efforts that slow the spread of nuclear weapons and foster peace and economic relations between the U.S. and Iran.”

However, Tlaib had called for cutting U.S. assistance to Israel, which she has said is “discriminatory”—a move that has been condemned by groups like the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

Since her primary victory, Tlaib said, “One state. It has to be one state. Separate but equal does not work. I’m only 42 years old but my teachers were of that generation that marched with Martin Luther King. This whole idea of a two-state solution, it doesn’t work,” she said in an interview with In These Times, an American politically progressive/democratic Socialist monthly news and opinion magazine published in Chicago. Tlaib added: “I’m an ACLU card member. I stand by the rights of people who support BDS. Allow the students to be a part of the movement. I am so proud of the Center for Constitutional Rights in support of student movements for BDS.”

NCYI president Farley Weiss said that anyone who supports BDS is encouraging the destruction of Israel.

“Anyone who is a pro-BDS and anti-military aid to Israel cannot be pro-Israel, and anyone who supports BDS is actually encouraging the destruction of Israel,” said Weiss. “It is unfathomable that J Street—an organization that purports to be pro-Israel—can continue to make that claim after giving its endorsement and financial support to someone who is so blatantly anti-Israel.”

Weiss added, “You cannot be ‘pro-Israel’ by simply claiming that you are ‘pro-Israel.’ Actions speak louder than words, and J Street’s actions in this case belie its claim that it is ‘pro-Israel.’ Rashida Tlaib’s support of the anti-Israel BDS movement and her emphatic pledge to oppose U.S. military aid to Israel are entirely incongruous with the United States’ longstanding support for its Democratic allies.”

“For J Street to assert that it is pro-Israel when it endorsed a pro-BDS candidate is extremely hypocritical,” concluded Weiss. “We call upon J Street to either stop falsely claiming it is pro-Israel or modify its endorsement criteria to ensure that it never again supports a pro-BDS, anti-aid to Israel candidate and never again gives funding to such an individual.”

Fact about Larry Luxner:

On June 10, 2012, Larry Luxner, a reporter for the Jewish Telegraph Agency (JTA) in an article titled ‘Bangladeshi pro-Israel journalist pushes on amid charges of fraud’ wrote: “Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury sat at the cafe of the five-star Ruposhi Bangla Hotel in downtown Dhaka [the five star hotel where he was boarded as being a VIP guest of the antisemitic and anti-Israel Bangladesh government] – capital of the third-largest Muslim nation on Earth – stridently proclaiming his love for Israel and the Jewish people.”

“I am a Zionist and a friend of Israel,” he told JTA in a voice loud enough to be heard by hotel guests and local businessmen sipping their afternoon tea at nearby tables [what a lie! Why shall I shout in a post hotel lobby. My younger brother Sohail Choudhury and son Hanzalah Choudhury were accompanying me when that Larry spoke to me].

But nobody paid any attention. That in itself, said Choudhury, represented enormous progress in the impoverished People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

“Before 2003, you could not utter the word Israel in this country,” the devout Muslim said during a lengthy interview. “Now we celebrate Rosh Hashanah, and all the Jewish community in Dhaka participates. Even in some Bangladeshi media, they now allow positive articles on Israel. And I am more vocal than ever before.”

Choudhury, 46, is a publisher of the English-language Weekly Blitz — one of the hundreds of newspapers in this overcrowded, predominantly Muslim nation of 160 million. He’s also a fraud, according to some Jews in the United States and Israel who once supported him.

“On Nov. 29, 2003, half a year after he began publishing his anti-jihadist tabloid, the media mogul and father of two was arrested at Dhaka’s Shahjalal International Airport as he was about to board a flight to Bangkok with connections to Tel Aviv.

“I was tortured with electric shocks. They put nails in my ear. They broke my kneecap with a hockey stick. I was interrogated for 15 days and not allowed to bathe,” he said. “They told me, ‘confess you’re a Zionist spy. Otherwise, why do you support Judaism?’ I said that I’m a good Muslim, and a good Muslim must trust the Jews and Christians. And I’m proud of that.”

On Jan. 24, 2004, barely two months after his initial arrest, Choudhury was charged with sedition, treason, and blasphemy. Eventually, the sedition charge was dropped, and he was freed on bail in April 2005. His office was later firebombed, he was beaten by mobs and at one point briefly kidnapped by members of Bangladesh’s feared Rapid Action Battalion.

“Richard Belkin [purposefully wrote the name as Belkin to mock him, although his real name is Richard Benkin], a Chicago doctor and Jewish activist, heard about Choudhury’s plight and petitioned U.S. Rep. Mark Kirk (R-Ill.) to intervene on the journalist’s behalf. In February 2007, a resolution co-sponsored by Kirk and Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.) demanding that Bangladesh drop all remaining charges against Choudhury passed the House of Representatives by a vote of 409 to 1.”

Then he wrote: “The unlikely pro-Israel crusader quickly became the darling of the literary world.”

“Brenda West [there is no Brenda West anywhere in the US. Real name of the writer is Madeline Greenberg, a former Jew converted into Christianity (Catholic). She is sponsored and patronized by anti Israel elements and most possibly is working in disguise in favor of radical Islam], writing in the online New English Review, noted that “many newspapers and institutions sang his praises with weekly articles. The Wall Street Journal carried admiring articles about him, as did many other newspapers, and bloggers flooded the Internet with their awe-stricken appreciation of what looked like Choudhury’s dedication to Western humanistic principles.”

“Yet soon after his release on bail, allegations began surfacing that Choudhury was a ruthless con artist with a criminal past [a criminal past? Liar woman! I was never a criminal, but of course, should be labeled as a criminal by an enemy of Israel like Madeline Greenberg] — and a pseudo-journalist guilty of plagiarism [Pseudo journalist? Plagiarism?] who had strong Islamist connections [Dangerous lie! This woman will be charged for committing cyber crime and my legal counsel will soon go into action] before he inexplicably became an anti-Islamist [she never mentioned the reason of her leaving Judaism and embracing Catholic Christianity]. Some have even suggested that Choudhury he may be an agent posing as a friend of the Jews in order to raise money for Islamic fundamentalist organizations [That is you Madeline Greenberg and your mentors! Not me at all!].

“Belkin [again intentional typo], who runs a website that exposes alleged Muslim ethnic cleansing of minority Hindus in Bangladesh, has not spoken to Choudhury in several years. Asked why by JTA, he declined to explain. Nevertheless, Belkin expressed nothing but admiration for the man he helped rescue [Larry expected Benkin also bad mouth about me to meet his nasty desire].

“While Shoaib and I are no longer working together, nor have we been in contact for some time, he retains a place in my heart for his personal courage and for the ground he broke,” Belkin told JTA in an email from Chicago. “Shoaib and I have taken separate paths since our struggles with Islamists and their water carriers, but those efforts revealed a man who willingly put himself in danger for a principle.”

“Other Jews who had stood up for Choudhury are less kind.”

“In March 2011, Aryeh Yosef Gallin, founder and president of the Root and Branch Association — a nonprofit group that promotes cooperation between Israel and other nations — expelled Choudhury from its Islam-Israel Fellowship after reports surfaced that the Bangladeshi had bilked “emotionally vulnerable single Jewish ladies” out of tens of thousands of dollars [Wao! What a fabrication of fact! Ten of thousands of dollars? Thanks for saying sacks filled with dollars].

“West [Madeline Greenberg], a self-described “Jewish woman [not Jewish but former Jew converted into Catholic Christianity] and patriotic American [yes, every Jihadist and their agents and cohorts will be then ‘patriotic’] who became very involved in counter-jihad work after 9/11,” told JTA that “subsequent research, easily available to anyone who bothered to do a little bit of reading, showed that he was a total fraud with criminal ties [criminal ties?]. He had swindled not just two ardent Jewish supporters but everyone in the Zionist and counter-jihad movement [Oh my G-d, what a damn lie!] who believed in him.”

Some claims that Choudhury made in the interview did appear to be farfetched. For example, he insisted that his country has at least 5,000 Jews. Nearly all references speak of a Jewish community numbering no more than a few hundred [few hundred? A damn liar you Larry Luxner and a moron].

Choudhury also said, “You can now find Torahs in every bookstore in Bangladesh,” and that the 2,200-square-foot building facing Purana Paltan Street that supposedly housed Dhaka’s only synagogue sits on land now worth $10 million.

A plaque on the aging structure clearly identifies it as a Masonic lodge built in 1910. Nowhere are Hebrew inscriptions, Stars of David or anything remotely Jewish visible from either the outside or inside [those were removed right after I disclosed the fact about the existence of the synagogue in Dhaka, Bangladesh. As Larry Luxner was hired by the Bangladeshi government, hosted like a VIP and he even secretly met Iranian and ‘Palestinian diplomats’ in Dhaka, he was assigned to character assassination and trashing the existence of five thousand Jews and a Synagogue In Bangladesh].

Choudhury prints 25,000 copies of the Weekly Blitz [is it a nominal figure? In Bangladesh, where the only fraction of the 170 million population are English literate, selling twenty five copies is no joke]; it sells for 5 taka, the equivalent of 7 U.S. cents [for a 16 page newspaper]. He boasted that his newspaper — he says it’s “the most influential in the Muslim world” [we never say Muslim world, instead we say in the world] — was the first in Bangladesh to write about Islamic nongovernmental organizations operating in the country under the patronage of al-Qaeda [any doubt? We were the first newspaper to expose the emergence of radical Islam within the Koranic schools and the spread of jihadist madness throughout the world].

“Not a single article of ours has ever been protested by the government,” he said. “This means we have total credibility. [again no doubt!]”

Despite Choudhury’s insistence that his detractors’ accusations are all false, it does not appear that his legal troubles will disappear soon. He is still facing blasphemy and treason claims [I was convicted under Section 505A (treason) and 295A (blasphemy) of the Bangladesh penal code by a Kangarro court on January 9, 2014. The court convicted me for 5+7 = 9 year’s rigorous imprisonment. Now my appeal against the wrong verdict in the false case is pending with a High Court Division Bench of the Bangladesh Supreme Court since 2014 [appeal number 1833 of 2014], the state machinery is still making frantic bids in getting my appeal dismissed and enhance my conviction period to a life term].

“The court continues to postpone my trial, so I have to go to court every month, then they give me a new date,” he said. “They don’t have any evidence, so they can’t continue the trial. But they won’t drop the charges either because the government fears that would annoy the Islamists and anti-Semites in this country.”

My readers can well sense about the ultimate agenda of Larry Luxner and Madeline Greenberg. They wanted to silence the lone Zionist and a very loud voice in favour of the Jewish State in Bangladesh. They were partially successful as I was almost silenced as being in prison from November 2012 to July 2018; but Dhruba Jyoti Deka (Chief editor, Times of Assam), Nina Rosenwald, David Harris (American Jewish Committee), Richard Benkin, Avrohom Simon, Nicolle Simon, and many others know, the word retreat is not in my vocabulary. Although I was almost abandoned and forgotten by everyone in the world, I have started my mission of peace right from the day I stepped into my house.

The sordid fact is, my passport has been confiscated and I am living in a horrific situation, almost like being under house arrest. But nothing – no intimidation can stop me! I am a Zionist and a Son of Israel. I am promoting interfaith harmony. My mission will continue. Enemies of Israel or enemies of Jews can never silence or stop me!

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When Jews are against Israel!

By: Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury Read time: 52 min