Mr Narendra Modi – Do you dare to recall Assam under NDA regime?

Congress i.e. Indian National Congress has proved to a total betrayer for the country, including Assam and the rest of North East. Here the question comes as,- is BJP the right option or will Narendra Modi’s wave reach the North Eastern corners of the country? The answer seems to be a big NO, at least by historical perspective.

The Narendra Modi magic- claims the BJP and its supporters across the land. With the general elections just around the corner, Narendra Modi is set to visit Assam on February 8, 2014, and give his first BJP promotional speech as a PM candidate in the constituency of the current PM. Expectedly, everyone knows that it will be a high pitch speech of a Gamocha-clad Narendra Modi speaking about how he will transform the region if his party gets a chance, spiced with some abuses against Congress. With his coming, the local leadership of BJP has found some work to do, for a change (apart from Press Conferences). More importantly, the frustrated minds of the region who have died forever for some attention and justice from New Delhi are once again dreamily hoping that this once-a tea-vendor bachelor with a beard will finally bring a change to the tea state. But can we ignore the lessons from recent history before seeing those dreams?

Flash from History

People of Assam have not forgotten that about 25 years back, BJP was a major reason for the brutal imposition of the President’s rule in Assam, with L K Advani being the main man behind the scene. During the period, situation in Jammu and Kashmir was far worse with its militancy paralyzing normal life of the state, yet Assam had to bear its deadliest period of history, probably after the reign of the Burmese during year of 1822 – 1826, because the real mission of the president’s rule was not to tame the ULFA alone but to spread the imperialism of Hinduism and Hindi on the people of Assam, who had till then been known as secular and intolerant to the force of Hindi lobby of Delhi.

During 1990, when it was the popular years of the banned ULFA, the strong demands by most civic bodies as well as the State Government to solve amicably the militancy issue forever through meaningful talks were ignored by Indian authorities and L.K Advani was the main man behind it(as a part of the party’s notorious Hinduism Mission). Yes, we claim it was Hinduism mission as Assam was neither a Hindu nor Muslim or Christian state by ethnically. Assamese people have their own religion which is quite different from Hinduism or any other mainstream Indian religion.

L K Advani’s move an appeal in assembly ensured President’s ruling and Army operation in Assam on November 27, 1990. Indian state machine sent security forces to flash out insurgent group United Liberation Front of Asom(ULFA). Mentionable that Indian State Machine sent 10,00,000 security forces initially to flash out and kill only 10,000 ULFA cadres(official claim).

The Indian Army Operation under the President’s rule in Assam was called Operation Bajrang, as though Hinduism was at war in Assam. Linguistic chauvinism also became visible during the rule, with the army being brutal on the non-Hindi speaking civilians as a majority of rural Assamese, not understanding Hindi. One can imagine the plight of a person if a hundred armed soldiers aimed guns at you in the middle of the night and shot off questions in an alien language.

Indian Army’s Operation Bajrang was a total fail as it ended up with no hunt in Lakkhipathar of Tinsukia district which is border area of Assam-Nagaland & Myanmar. Pohari Das, an 80 years old woman was the first hunt of Operation Bajrang. Even so, the Indian Army was able to occupy the Lakkhipathar area after the ULFA cadres moved away from the area. In that Lakhipathar rescue mission, Indian Army lost several of their jawans and officers but failed to kill or capture even a single ULFA cadre there.

The uncountable rapes of young Assamese women (teenage daughters, wives, and pregnant women), the killing of innocent youth as well as old and torture to the Assamese could have not happened if the President’s rule and Army Operation was not imposed on Assam then. The decades of bloodshed and violence due to the armed struggle of militants too would not have happened and Assam would have probably lived in peace had the issue been solved through talks right then, if only Advani and BJP had not tried to impose this.

About a decade later, during its power in the center, it put pressure on the Bhutan Government in 2003 to flush out ULFA, NDFB, and KLO militants and destroy their camps from Bhutan jungles. But what was really surprising was that as a Center of power, the BJP had made no attempts to bring or rescue safely the hundreds of women and children from those camps being attacked by Army. When the Indian Government can make policies to bring militants to the mainstream, the BJP government could have very well-tried to bring the women and children safe, as they were too people of Assam, citizens of the same country. But this did not happen. Nor did they make any attempt to acknowledge the demands of the Assamese civil societies and human rights organizations to find and offer the whereabouts of those who went missing after being captured by Army. Late Gyanpeeth Awardee Mamoni Raisom Goswami wrote to the then Prime Minister of India Atal Bihari Vajpayee to stop the army operation in Bhutan as it took hundreds of lives of women and children. Even so, Atal Bihari Vajpayee didn’t bother for the lives of innocent women and children. Atal Bihari Vajpayee too acted as dumb as BJP claim for Manmohan Singh.

State-sponsored secret killings of Assam – Darkest chapter of Assam ever

This topic needs no elaboration at all as this is the most painful chapter of Assam’s history ever. It was during the BJP-United Front and BJP-NDA led Central Government where (following K P S Gill style implemented in Punjab) innocent family members of the ULFA were killed by state-sponsored forces at night. The killings were done to create a stir of fear such that no one dares to support the militants; unfortunately, it was state-sponsored killings which involved the merciless killing of children, women and the old alike at Zero range. Worst, justice was denied to those affected families and this still boils the blood of everyone who loves his or her motherland, Assam.

It is to be mentioned that the first Secret killing was that of Late Journalist and Human Rights activist Parag Kumar Das, who would have been the biggest roadblock against the state-sponsored killings with his immensely popular writings. He was killed on May 17, 1996, immediately two days after BJP’s puppet team AGP leader Prafulla Kumar Mahanta taken oath as Chief Minister of Assam. Following Parag Kumar Das death, there was complete lawlessness; and using BJP’s Partner AGP in power in the state, innocents were killed by the state-sponsored secret killers in the next five years.

North Eastern-Bihari clashes where BJP was extremely biased towards Hindi speaking people

During 2003, an unfortunate incident happened where a Naga woman traveling by Avadh Assam Express was paraded naked and molested in a railway station at Bihar. This had led to unfortunate clashes between the Bihari-Assamese community. Thousands of Bihari and Hindi speaking people fled from Assam, after being attacked and in the same way, people from North East continued to be attacked, raped and assaulted in trains or in other places of Northern India. It was the BJP in power during those days, and we are put to shame when we realize that Cabinet Ministers of BJP flew in to meet the Hindi Speaking community and victim. However, none of them even cared to inquire about the North Eastern victims, the victims of rapes and assault. While the series of the incident was equally wrong from both parties, the bias showed was evident and Assam will never forget this treachery.

Kandahar issue and double role of BJP

At a national level, we saw a completely different picture though. Can we forget the IC-814 shameful story where BJP led Central Government had kneeled down to terrorists and release Maulana Masood Azhar and two other most wanted terrorist in Kandahar? Mr. Narendra Modi, do you dare to speak on the release of Masood Azhar following Kandahar issue? Killing some innocents in the fake encounter in your own Gujarat doesn’t prove you a lion, Masood Azhar proved you and your BJP fellows as chicken-hearted.

What will be the carrots this time?

In Assam, the main agenda of BJP for luring Assamese voters in this year’s election is the illegal migrant issue which has haunted Assam for four decades. The party had claimed that it shall deport all Bangladeshis from Assam but it would provide citizenship to Hindu immigrants from Bangladesh! Here again, the party is creating a rift between the Hindus and the Muslims in an attempt to grab power! An illegal foreigner deserves to be deported not on basis of religion but by nationality.

It is funny seeing the BJP leadership blaming the state Government Led by Congress for not doing anything about the Border and illegal Bangladeshi issue. Truth is that the Border, Defence, and currency lie at the hands of the center and during its tenure at the Center, the BJP had done NOTHING to solve the Illegal migrant issue of Assam.

For Assam, the coming elections are not an India Vs Congress war, nor are we going to be impressed by outcomes of a Narendra Modi Vs Rahul battle. After living forever in the land of AFSPA and flood, secret killings and ethnic insecurity, corruption and landlessness, our vote have remained the only time we realize that we live in a democracy.

Narendra Modi during his speech, for sure is going to talk about the utter lawlessness (as if we had a great time during BJP’s rule!) and the lack of development in Assam. He would compare Gujarat with Assam and thump his chest with pride over his achievements such as good roads, high-income rate, and industrialization, no power cut, etc which are not to be seen in Assam. But Mr. Modi, we know about certain other things which are very important to us.

We know about the anti-dam movement in Gujarat which was crushed with muscle power and about those thousands of Gujaratis who have lost their lands in the mad rush for industrialization. For, in Assam, we the people are fighting for land rights for farmers and against mega-dams to protect our own identity and future.

People do fear that the urban-loving BJP would try to crush these movements of Assam just as innocent children and women were killed to crush the ULFA during BJP’s last tenure.

People of Assam and other North Eastern states haven’t forgotten your BJP led NDA regime earlier. Nor we have forgotten killings of Parag Kumar Das or Thangjam Manorama and thousands of innocents life that was taken under your BJP led NDA regime.

We would not want to let that happen

Mr. Narendra Modi, do you dare to speak about the situation of Assam and other North Eastern states under your BJP led NDA regime? Prove that you are lion if you have the least bravery.

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