8 Indian Army personnel killed in Ambush by United group of insurgents


Eight Indian Army personnel were killed when two vehicles of 23 Assam Rifles battalion were ambushed by the newly formed UNLFW(United National Liberation Front of West South Asia) in Mon district in Nagaland on Sunday, May 03, 2015.

Two vehicles, one a water-trailer and the other a Tata 407, were on their way to collect water from a river nearly four kms from their camp location in Mon district when they came under militants attack in Chnaglangshu area. While the first vehicle was blown off by powerful IED explosion – the heavily armed militants who were positioned on vantage uphill locations sprayed bullets from AK-series weapons on the second vehicle.

The Assam Rifles official said there were over 20 personnel in the vehicle. While 8 Army personnel were killed – more than 10 army personnel received heavy injury.

The militants captured 8 nos AK 47 from the dead and injured Army personnel.

On behalf of UNLFW, Assistant Publicity Secretary of ULFA[I] Lt Arunodoy Asom has claimed the responsibility of this ambush saying it as “the first ever united ambush under the UNLFW”.

Lt Arunodoy Asom also informed that they will be releasing photographs of the ambush and captured rifles soon.

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8 Indian Army personnel killed in Ambush by United group of insurgents

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