Paresh Baruah’s call to Rajkhowa to rejoin outfit rejected

Paresh Baruah's call to Rajkhowa to rejoin outfit rejected. Press Release by Mithinga Daimary.

By- Staff Reporter | Date- May 01, 2012

Two days ago, the hardliner ULFA led by Paresh Baruah alias Paresh Asom had urged their Chairman, Arabinda Rajkhowa to join active duty within 3 months and lead the organisation, failing which the post of Chairman would be given to someone else. The outlawed faction, opposed to the ongoing lateral talks between the Pro-talk faction of ULFA led by its Chairman Rajkhowa and Government of India, had also stated that the constitution of the outfit had not given anyone, whether it was The Chairman or any Cadre, any power to compromise on the ideals of the organisation.

In context of the call by the hardliner group, the pro-talk faction of ULFA today issued a clarification stating that the group has come out to negotiate with the Government on peaceful terms as per the call of the people of Assam. In the press release sent by the Mithinga Daimary, Publicity Secretary of the pro-talk faction of ULFA, the validty of Paresh Baruah’s appeal to the Chairman to return within three months was challenged in constituional terms of the outfit. Daimary’s statement stated that the Constituion itself does not give any right to anyone to give such notices to anyone.

On the other hand, Times of Assam have been able to confirm from sources within the pro-talk as well as the hardlner faction about certian important aspects of ULFA’s constitution. According to the outfit’s constituion, anyone who is arrested or under enemy shelter loses his or her post and responsibilities untill he/she returns back to the outfit’s inner circle once again. As such, in such a case all pro-talk leaders including Rajkhowa automatically becomes a non-member of the outfit as they had been arrested and been under Indian Government’s shadow ever since. As such Rajkhowa & Co. leading lateral talks as ULFA members itself seems invalid and all the tussle between the two groups looks like a clearly planned, self-created confusion which serves their own purpose.

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Paresh Baruah’s call to Rajkhowa to rejoin outfit rejected

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