GNLA Militant turns Rapist – NE Militants heading towards Terrorism


A recent killing of the woman by GNLA members is an eye washer.

For several decades, people of North East had been complaining of the inhuman tortures and alleged rapes by members of Armed Forces in the name of insurgency control. The Brutal AFSPA, TADA and POTA, – all these acts had kept lives of North Eastern Indians as miserable as one can imagine. But today, there is a situation where people of this region may actually speak up and say that they don’t mind these acts! If there are such brutal terrorists like living around claiming to bring peace and liberty to their lands!

Just three days back, GNLA militants brutally blew the head off a local Garo woman, after she resisted their attempts at molestation and rape in South Garo Hills district of Meghalaya. Claiming her to be a police informer, the militants pulled her out of her home, assaulted, molested and attempts were made to rape her. When she resisted, she was shot at point blank range splitting her head in two, in front of her five children. Her husband was tied down and was not allowed to move.

Last reports confirmed that hunt of the terrorists have started and there has been some fierce gun battle with armed f Forces since this morning to hunt the same group of militants.

Mentionable that GNLA has always been known to be nurtured by the United Liberation Front of Asom(ULFA). Drishti Rajkhowa alias Drishti Asom alias Manoj Rabha – the Deputy Commander-in-Chief of the current ULFA[I] wing is reported to be maintaining close relations with this group.

It is almost evident that the GNLA was involved in this barbaric act and there is only extreme hatred left for this group after this incident. If ULFA[I] does not clear it stand on this – people will also have the same amount of hatred for ULFA[I], who still has some support amongst some people in rural areas.

It is time for the new Government to wipe the militants out once and for all. Many of our readers have opined though emails that the Government has tried enough of two faces – one side they talk Talks and other face that chases militants in the jungles with guns.

Probably it is time that all militancy and terrorism issues are solved with an iron fist, once and for all.

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GNLA Militant turns Rapist – NE Militants heading towards Terrorism

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 7 min