Reasons why Congress(I), AGP or BJP will be good for Assam



The single but strong factor resulting in sleepless nights, prayers to Gods and debates across Assam has been the question on ‘Who would form the new Government’ in Assam.

Let us see how each of the main parties under consideration will lead to Assam’s betterment if they form the new Government.

What good would Congress (I) bring to Assam

Assam will produce a few Tatas and Ambanis

Some of the fortunate Assamese will grow ten times richer with the wealth and money they can accumulate through corruption and scams like the one in N.C hills. Since no Assamese can ever become rich like Tata or Mittal through self-adversity, the only short way for the Lazy Assamese is the way through corruption. And Congress (I) can indeed make a few people filthy rich with thousands of crores. And who cares if Akhil Gogoi shouts his lung out in press conferences?

Lakhs of upcoming teenagers will become expert in Facebook, computer games and porn sites

With laptops and computers given away to everyone who scores a 60% in 10th, Congress (I) ministers who are found to be active in Facebook and Twitter would love to see the new young kids following them. Of course no development in education sector as a whole will take place, not will big number of technical institutes spring up. The flow towards Bangalore, Delhi, Chennai and Maharashtra with parents washing away their hands with huge donations will continue as ever, but we don’t care as long as Laptops are received in every household, even if there is no electricity to run it or no computer training to use it for best results. India, being the biggest attractor of Porn sites, laptops at home with most parents not knowing even to start or shut down a laptop, would attract the adventurous teenagers. Not having a strong cybercrime policy would help too!

Food production will grow in Assam and construction workers will be cheaper

The party that gave birth to and continued with the problem of illegal immigrants from Bangladesh will make sure that more and more cultivable and forest lands are taken up by the migrants. This will yield better cultivation and agriculture. Workers speaking semi-Assamese with Bangladeshi accent would continue to flock cities and domestic households for work and the lazy Assamese is ever ready and happy to employ and deploy them in their own house work, though outside they simply love to shout against Bangladeshis. This has some side effects like growing radical Islamic militancy, but that’s fine with the Assamese as long as the people get to enjoy continued Bandhs by student organizations shouting about the problem for the last few decades.

What good would AGP bring to Assam

Creation of Jobs and hope to the hopeless

Just like AGP’s last tenure of 1996 to 2001, everyone right from applicants of Police Constables and Primary school teachers to Assam Civil service officers will have to sell their lands, take loans and somehow arrange some lakhs of money to bribe the AGP brokers for a job. But that’s really a good news for the ones with no talent but money. The days of gloom and dark future for the ones who did not study well during his college or school days would be over. If a student is jealous about his friend who topped examinations while he himself failed or passed by cheating, this is his turn to take revenge by grabbing the job with money. AGP’s rule would bring hope to the hopeless.

Kill ULFA families & sympathizers, Repeat Bhumka Story

Most people hate ULFA in Assam, at least that’s what newspapers, media and the Government claims. The AGP will continue to indulge in the secret killings of the ULFA families and fulfill the aspirations of the people. And to the person who thinks secret killings of innocent people are wrong, the answer is ‘as if you care’. The families of the victims of secret killings during AGP’s earlier regime are still without justice. This explains that the people of Assam actually enjoyed and supported the secret killings; else there would have been mass movements and public cry to bring justice to the families. To bring justice in Assam is only a peppy drawing room discussion in Assam, it does not materialize anyway.

What good would BJP bring to Assam

Flourish trade for India – Not State but the Country

BJP, the party favoring Hindi speaking Hindus will help flourish trade and commerce in the state. It does not necessarily mean improvement for Assam, but Indians overall. Millions of money will continue to increase and flow out to the Rajasthan and North Indian with their cunning representatives running loot business in Assam, but the Assamese would not really care. After all, we need to think India and not narrow mindedly for Assam alone. Besides, business is not the cup of tea for Assamese who believes only a job can do justice to his self-respect, not business or stupid risks like entrepreneurship.

Think nothing but Hindi, Hindu & Hindusthan

Hindutva is not very strong in secular Assam, though majority of the population are Hindus. The tolerant Assamese middle class and the some ethnic tribes will now find in themselves a new identity called Hindus. This does not mean that everyone will get to learn yoga, but it means to look at other religion with hatred. And some of the people of Assam, who love hating each other, will simply love the new hate game. Already there are regular fights between different tribes and ethnic groups and the new identity will bring in new hopes of fights and killings for the section of people who still proudly remembers the massacre of Nellie.

On a serious Note

We can continue to blame the different parties and state Governments for their inaction and misdeeds. But the reality lies in the fact that the state governments are mere puppets of the central government. According to the article 356 of Indian constitution, the Central Government of India can dissolve a state Government any time and impose its own or President’s rule. This clearly explains that although people can elect a government of its own in Assam, the government itself lies only as a servant of the center. The state can never function on its will and power.

No illegal migrant can be thrown out of Assam by any party at the state power, nor can it take any rights and steps for its true development unless the center approves. There is no democracy at all, if one analyses such points. Until this section of the constitution is amended, democracy in a state like Assam can never be true and complete.

We will continue to oppose the pseudo democratic structure of the Indian system till this section of the constitution is amended and true rights given to the state.

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Reasons why Congress(I), AGP or BJP will be good for Assam

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 19 min