ULFA-GoI talk and Hate Campaign by Assamese Media


ULFA talks with P Chidambaram

By-Dibyajyoti Gohain, New Delhi

There was a time when the Media of Assam wrote strongly about bringing peace in Assam through talks between the ULFA and GoI. There was a time when the Assamese media opposed armed struggle, but always parallel depended on ULFA’s extortion notes to the bureaucrats, corrupt Government officials and Industrialists to expose all sorts of corruptions taking place in the state. But now that the peace process has started, the same Assamese media is found making mockery and spreading hate campaign against the same peace process.

In yesterday’s reports, almost all of the media were found with negative about the ULFA leadership regarding commencing the peace talks. Some even made fun of the fact that the ULFA leaders met the Chief Minister like common people. It is really strange and surprising that the Media is leading such a hate campaign when in actual they should have welcomed the process of peace and solution for the state. In fact one of the most widely circulated vernacular newspaper, which is known for their pro-ULFA stand and reports published several letters to the editor yesterday, all speaking negative about the peace process between ULFA and government of India. Going through that particular editorial page, even a kid could summarize that the entire lot of letters is pre-planned for the day,- they are no way genuine as because many of the letters were collected by their correspondents which clearly indicates pre-determined campaign. It is known to almost all that the same media was taking ULFA in its breadth for their publicity and business, from their early birth. It is also known to almost all that news about corruption in Assamese media always helping ULFA for extortion. By this way Assamese media itself turned to corrupted now a days with blackmailing and threatening to corrupted people if they do not pay then news about their corruption will be published and ULFA will follow them for extortion.

On the other hand, speaking to Times of Assam, Foreign Secretary of ULFA Sasha Choudhury,who is in Delhi for the meeting with Indian Government, has confirmed that the ULFA leadership has come out for a democratic struggle for the rights of Assam leaving violence and guns behind. As such they are open for any media publicity, false or true as they are only focused in bringing a constructive solution through dialogue and not really care about games played by the media.

And if one has questions as to why the Assamese Media is spreading such a hate campaign against ULFA-GoI talks, and the answer goes simple,- if ULFA problem is solved forever, the same media would have nothing to live on! The media would always try to keep the problem alive for their own sake. In a land where media leads in creating public opinion, it’s a real shame that the Media is behaving such shamelessly and trying to negatively affect the process instead of progressive support or positive criticism. This indeed shows how untrustworthy, characterless and opportunist the media of Assam is.

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ULFA-GoI talk and Hate Campaign by Assamese Media

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 9 min