Another blow for Paresh Baruah – UNLF confirms arrest of their Chairman in Dhaka

UNLF Chairman R K Meghen
UNLF Chairman R K Meghen

Another crack down hits ULFA Commander-in-Chief Paresh Baruah.  Ending up all the confusion, UNLF vice-chairman confirms the arrest of Raj Kumar Meghen, the UNLF Chairman in Dhaka by a combine intelligence team of Bangladesh India’s RAW. The Statement also charged the Indian Govt of violating international laws in cahoots with the Government of Bangladesh by not revealing the whereabouts of its arrested Chief and confirming his arrest officially.

After the arrest of ULFA Chairman Arabinda Rajkhowa along with Deputy Commander-in-Chief Raju Baruah, Foreign Secretary Shasha Choudhury & Finance Secretary Chitraban Hazarika, and NDFB Chairman Ranjan Daimary alias D Nabla, the arrest of UNLF Chairmen R K Meghen is considered as the final crack down for ULFA Commander-in-Chief Paresh Baruah  R K Meghen was another key person of Paresh Baruah’s International network of Insurgency since the late 1980.

The UNLF Vice-Chairman Kh Pambei through a emailed statement confirmed the arrest and gave the detailed sequence of events that led to the arrest of R K Meghen alias Sana Yaima. The Statement said Sana Yaima was travelling in his own vehicle (Dhaka Metro G-17-0716) in Lalma-tia area of Dhaka under Mohammadpur police station at about 12.30 pm of September 29 when he was apprehended by a combined team of Indian intelligence agency RAW and their Bangladeshi counterparts. Before he was taken into custody by the intelligence party, Sana Yaima managed to inform his comrades about the situation through telephone. At the moment, the Chairman was just 10 minutes’ distance away from his destination. On receiving the information, some party men rushed to the spot and it was confirmed that their chief was taken away by the security agency along with his vehicle.

A report was filed in connection with the incident at Mohammadpur police station (FIR No 1981 dated 29/09/10) and missing reports were published in Bangladesh based daily papers Yugantor and Inqilab.  The Statement further said after due consultation the Central Committee, the Vice Chairman sent a written appeal to the Government of Bangladesh seeking the Chairman’s release along with detailed account of the justified liberation movement of Manipur. But in total violation of international laws and principles, the Government of Bangladesh in cahoots with the Government of India kept the whereabouts of Sana Yaima a secret for several days.  This very act of keeping the whereabouts of an arrested person unknown to the public is an act of kidnapping and international terrorism, it charged.

It is further alleged that as the arrest was a clandestine operation and unacceptable to international norms, both the Government of Bangladesh and Government of India are still unable to give an account of the arrest of Chairman and they would never dare to give a true account. The Vice-Chairman further charged the Indian Govt of violating its own law by keeping the whereabouts of Sana Yaima a secret till date.

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Another blow for Paresh Baruah – UNLF confirms arrest of their Chairman in Dhaka

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