Teen raped & killed in Marigaon

Three criminals named Baharul Islam, Khairul Islam & Azahruddin have been arrested today by Police, for rape & murder of a teenage girl of 8th standard student, on October 9.  The incident happened in Goroimari area under Laharighat Police station of Marigaon district. In October 9, the Baharul Islam took away the teen to sell her to a human trafficking gang, but the girl knowing his intention protested him, and in result Baharul Islam along with the two other gang raped her & killed leaving her death body at Jalakiabari field. No one were aware about the incident at that time.


Today, when the trio tried to escape from Goroimari Chariali, public trapped them and interrogated about the incident. Then the trio stated the truth and public handed them over to Police.

2 Responses to "Teen raped & killed in Marigaon"

  1. Jeet W Sarma  October 17, 2010 at 03:08 AM

    These CRIMINALS should be WHIPPED in PUBLIC to DEATH. Nothing Less is Desirable as Punishment.

  2. pranjit sarmah  November 01, 2010 at 09:04 AM

    I doubt officially it is "Morigaon district"..As it is written in my passport too "Morigaon" not "Marigaon". BTW, the human traficking is growing rapidly in north east. The goverment should take strict meassure in the under develpoed rural areas to to trap it. It is difficult to accpt that while these poor people should have the highest realisation of the pain of life suffering, they are selling others for few money!!


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