Arunachal Pradesh Encounter – Army denies casualty, NSCN(K) strikes back


In a press note sent to Times of Assam by PRO(Defence) Lt Colonel Suneet Newton denied any casualty of Indian Army personnel in the gunbattle in Niausa COB of Longding district, Arunachal Pradesh.

Isak Sumi, Suneet Newton

In the press release, Lt Colonel Suneet Newton said, “At 0115 hrs tonight Niausa COB was fired upon by Under Ground cadres. Just 5 to 10 rounds of ineffective small arms fire and a Lathode grenade were fired upon the post. Own alert sentries retaliated forcing the UGs to run away. The fire had to be controlled keeping in safety of the villagers in vicinity. There were no casualties and no damage to property of COB.”

The PRO(Defence) also said that massive search operation is going on against the group that attacked the camp.

While Times of Assam asked NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP Colonel Isak Sumi said, “Why didn’t the Indian Army reveal the news of incident before we did and why are they reacting only after we exposed?”

It is to be noted that Times of Assam only the first one which published the news about the incident early morning today.  Until the news was published, there was no statement made by Indian Army officials about the incident.

Following PRO(Defence) Lt Colonel Suneet Newton’s statement on media, NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP Colonel Isak Sumi sent a press release to Times of Assam.

Bellow is the un-edited version of the NSCN(K)/GPRN MIP Colonel Isak Sumi’s Press Release.

For the last nearly 60-70 years it has become customary for the Indian Armed Forces operating in Nagaland to swallow even Elephants when it comes to defeats and casualties of their forces in the hands of the Naga Army but to make mountains out of anthill when claiming fake victories always concocting the stories beyond unbelievable limits.

The recent major incidents related to NSCN-Indian Army post ceasefire abrogation has shown the idiosyncrasies of Indian Army authorities and the most appalling distortion of facts to cover up their shame, defeats and dishonour.

On May 22 at Changlangshu,Mon District, except for lone survivor, a Naga serving in AR, more than 20 AR soldiers were killed and six weapons were recovered by the Naga Army, but the IA claimed only eight killed and three missing.

On June 4,2015 at Chandel, more than thirty Indian Regiment soldiers and around fourteen out of 44 soldiers including a JCO were killed but IA authority claimed only 18 killed and 11 injured.

One June 10,2015, the Indian Army also made the most absurd claim that it’s 21 Para Commandos raided Naga Army camp across the border and killed more than 100 NSCN cadres initially but finally settled the Naga Army casualty figure at 38 and 7 injuries when in fact they did not came anywhere near Naga Army camp or a single gun fire was exchanged. The mock battle exercise and Middle East conflict visuals were televised all over India to substantiate their claim shamelessly.

Most recently on Sept.27 the para commandos led by one NSCN-IM Major from Tangkhul tribe and few cadres of Wangtin Reformation gang crossed 15 kms into Myanmar Naga area but we’re halted near Langkhu by Naga Army in which atleast 8-10 commandos were slain and several injured, until they could retrieve the death bodies of the slain and carry away the injured, they resorted to heavy shelling for several hours against the pursuing Naga Army.

However, the Indian Army blatantly lied and denied that they crossed the border and claimed that 40 Naga Army were killed when in fact not a single cadre did recieve even a skin rupture. The unethical actions of misleading the public was fully exposed by Konyak Union,Myanmar which condemned the Indian Army illegal intrusion and indiscriminate firing and mortar shelling in civilian area. Many unexploded mortar shells were recovered in the field near Langkhu village by the Konyak public.

On today’s pre-dawn well orchestrated attack on Indian Army camp at Nyausau, Longdin District of Arunachal Pradesh, the Naga Army combined operation group numbering more than 70 fighters selected from all the mobile units, demolition units and GHQ reserves and led by combat experienced senior commanders launched heavy offensive that lasted for nearly 8-9 hours at Nyausau,Longdin and the camp was nearly overrun had it not been for the intervention of the civilians, requesting our Army to vacate for the sake of civilian public safety and fear of Indian Army usual inhuman reprisal. At the least 40 soldiers have been killed and injured but their respective PRO’S gave varying accounts claiming that attack did not occur but only few ineffective firing and lathodes launched and quite absurdly asserted that no damage was done to the camp’s properties.

Meanwhile, Stephen Makuimai an Under Secretary of the NSCN-IM has been claiming that Nyausau Camp attack did not occur and terming it as lie in the social network, it is therefore believed that he must not only be living Indian Army but is also involved in various anti-Naga espionage and is also believed to have been involved even in 27 September 2017,cross-border raid along with Tangkhul Major because the cross-border raiders intruded from Arunachal Pradesh side.

The Nagas in have general are asked to be aware of the open connivance of Tangkhuls in NSCN-IM and the Indian Forces against NSCN/GPRN and must therefore be prepared to resist and withstand such anti-Naga policies and actions being perpetrated openly.

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Arunachal Pradesh Encounter – Army denies casualty, NSCN(K) strikes back

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