Law that never reached to punish the rich


If there is anyone in the state of Assam who could qualify as real life Rich-Businessman Villain, like the ones in Bollywood movies, infamous contractor and businessman Bhagya Kalita would probably be the right contender. From the early days when he worked as a sub-contractor for Ghisalal Agarwal, Bhagya Kalita had allegedly taken the path of corruption by stealing and selling construction items. From them he has never looked back. For a state obsessed with corruption, Kalita made all use of the resources of Guns and Goons, backed with plenty of money, to rise higher and higher to the current pedestal of power from where it is almost impossible to dethrone him.

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When it comes to the game of Power and Money, Bhagya Kalita stands out undaunted. This contractor is not only infamous for imparting fear through threats but also using the influence of the right contacts and money to either buy all those who stand against him or to destroy them completely.

Back in 1995, Bhagya Kalita along with his driver Fatiur Ali and SULFA Bhupen Medhi were accused of murdering in cold blood one mother and daughter Karabi and Dubori Das on July 31, 1995, at Ambari, Guwahati. This incident had created a statewide sensation and made headlines. Even The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) had charge-sheeted Kalita along with his two accomplices for the killing. The case was reported to have eyewitnesses too, – namely her minor son. There was even the statement of Manju Dey, the maidservant residing in the house of the deceased, who was instrumental in lodging the FIR lodged before the police. In her statement made before the CBI and also as recorded under Section 164, Cr.P.C, she had stated that at the relevant time she heard the voice of Bhagya Kalita at the place of occurrence (inside the house of the deceased) and after the gunshot, she saw the Kalita fleeing from the place of occurrence in his own car parked outside the house. CBI had also seized a pair of chappals allegedly left behind by Bhagya Kalita at the place of occurrence after the incident.

Yet, Bhagya Kalita remained untouched and unharmed. The Laws of the Land, the CBI, Police, and even the huge public outcry against him during the period could lead to Kalita being punished or justice being given to the family of the deceased. To date, there are many in the state, who is convinced that Kalita was able to manage everything with money and guns, and come out clean, at least for the blind law.

The murder of Karabi-Dubori was neither the beginning nor the end. The game of power, threats, and buying men continued more and more, it never stopped. Years later, it was the time of one of the most respected writer and intellectual, Dr. Homen Buragohain who paid the price for submitting to the influence and money of Bhagya Kalita. Dr. Borgohain who was the editor of leading Assamese weekly Asom Bani and daily Amar Asom during the period of the Karabi-Dubori murder case had strongly argued that Kalita should be punished for his involvement in the case and put behind bars. Yet, it was a surprise for the common man as well as the media personnel of the period when Dr. Borgohain Joined Bhagya Kalita’s newly launched Assamese Daily Ajir Dainik Batori in 2005. As fate would have been, the Sahitya Academy Award winner Editor of the Daily had to quit from the paper just after three months of launch, citing personal reasons. For everyone, Kalita had accomplished his revenge by first influencing him to join and then forcing him to move out. Bhagya Kalita has been accused in numerous instances of breaking the law, of threatening state Government officials, murder, forgery and several other evil accuses including misconduct against women. He was arrested several times as a showoff and then left off under mysterious circumstances each time.

Today Bhagya Kalita is one man who is simply untouchable. The Ministers address him as Sir and almost all influential men in the state are accused to be his puppets. He decides the contracts that he intends to take up, not the Government, – whispers people in the departments.

It is hard to believe that this same Bhagya Kalita was once forced to be down on his knees day long in front of Nalbari College under orders of the then Deputy C-in-C of ULFA, Heerak Jyoti Mahanta, for allegedly misbehaving with female students. Today, even the Chairman of ULFA Arabinda Rajkhowa, and his Pro-Talk group, who promises to free Assam from all evils (!), addresses him as Dada (Big Brother in Assamese). One would be left questioning if this signifies ULFA’s coffin of the destruction of Sky reaching power and the might of Bhagya Kalita.

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Law that never reached to punish the rich

By: S Kumar Deka Read time: 13 min