ULFA hardliner faction revokes the peace initiative

ULFA Press Release by Dr Pranmay Asom

By- Staff Reporter | Date- July 24, 2011

Dr Pranmay Asom, newly appointed Assistant Foreign Secretary of ULFA hardliner faction, through a press released sent today July 24, 2011 has urged all the indigenous people of Asom, residing in world’s every corner to come forward and help the organization in its fight to retain the sovereignity of Asom. Mentionable that while most of the central committee members led by Arabinda Rajkhowa have come forward for peace talk with Union of India, the outfit’s C-in-C Paresh Baruah is positioning himself against the peace talk and running organizational activites under mobile military unit. Few days back Paresh Baruah has appointed Dr Pranmay Asom as the Assistant Foreign Secretary, while the Foreign Secretary Shashadhar Choudhury has already joined the Pro-Talk group of ULFA, after he was released on bail from jail.

Sources revealed that Dr Pranmay Asom is a overground worker of ULFA residing in UK and by profession he is a doctor. The same source also revealed that Pranmay Asom is appointed under the advise of organization’s General Secretary Anup Chetia who presently is under special custody of Bangladesh Government with the new identity with the name as Anupam Saikia.

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ULFA hardliner faction revokes the peace initiative

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