Gang Rape – Weapon of India against itself


India can’t hide itself now, no matter what prime minister Manmohan Singh or Indian National Congress (INC) chief Sonia Gandhi’s promise is on justice for the recent Delhi gang-rape victim. The gang-rape victim has died, but it left public anger among all citizens of India with doubts and questions against the governance of India. It is not limited to India now, the entire world condemned this barbaric crime and demanded the harshest punishment possible at the earliest. Justice needed, harsher punishment to the rapists – is the only slogan now.

Brutal gang rape in India was never new to us but always unfolded by national media at large. Hiding and folding the past brutal gang rapes by the national media is responsible for today’s situation. No regret to say that the corporate-driven national media never try to reach the poor and deep root of society. Today, all the national media(even international media too) is busy with the minute to minute coverage of Delhi gang-rape victim’s death and protest. Bollywood has also come ahead for protest, as it is obvious to be.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and UPA Chairman Sonia Gandhi have already declared about fast track trial to ensure justice for the gang-rape victim. Delhi police are ready to submit the charge-sheet on Thursday, January 3 of 2013. The fast-track trial will be started with day to day hearing. All the culprits must be punished with the death sentence considering the brutality of the crime. Law shouldn’t be allowed to consider the juvenile accused as the juvenile. If an underaged criminal can commit this kind of brutal crime, he shouldn’t be considered as a juvenile. He too must be hanged. The protest should go on until all are hanged to death.

Ajmal Kasab was just the enemy of India only,- he came and killed Indian police & civic citizen. These rapists are not only the enemy of India but also the shame of India as well, who defamed India in international consideration.

Even so, India can’t hide itself. Damini aka Amanat isn’t the single victim who died of brutal gang rape.

India must not forget those thousand rapes that India itself possessed in North-East states in the name of the counter-insurgency operations.

Yes, we, the North Eastern haven’t forgotten Raju Barua, Bhanimai Dutta, Thangjam Manoroma and thousands of our mothers and sisters who were brutally gang-raped and killed by the Indian army. Justice should be equally treated by the manner of democracy if India has the guts to prove its democratic character.

Gang rape isn’t the culture of some social evils, but it is created by India itself three decades before in North-Eastern states.

Bhanimai Dutta gang raped & killed by Indian Army

From this Delhi, Indian state machinery possessed every action to be executed by the Indian defense force on the soil of North Eastern states. From this same Delhi, India possessed its defense force to jump on the citizens of North Eastern states with as much as barbaric acts they can do. From this Delhi, Indian state machinery declared Assam as Disturbed Area in 1983 under Disturbed Areas Act and sent paramilitary forces to dominate Assamese protests with barbaric action. People of Assam can’t forget the days of Bhumka.

People of Assam can’t forget even a single victim who was gang-raped and killed by the Indian army, so the people of Manipur can’t forget Thangjam Manoroma ever.

India, do you still remember 14 years old school girl Bhanimai Dutta, who was brutally gang-raped and killed by your Mahaan(!) Indian army? Bhanimai Dutta of Khowdang village of Lakhimpur district was gang-raped and killed by the Indian army on October 16, 1991, in presence of her parents. No justice was done, no voice raised by even a single national media.

Should we remind you, who was Raju Barua? Raju Barua was a 20 years old college student of Sutargaon village of Sonitpur district who too was brutally gang-raped and killed by your brave(!) Indian army on October 6, 1991. No justice was done, no voice raised by even a single national media.

So-called protester Mahesh Bhat was busy on building his daughter’s career, Shahrukh Khan was struggling to build his career, so the others of Bollywood too.

India, do you still remember Thangjam Manoroma? The World remembers the nude protest of Manipuri women demanding a probe of rape and killing of Thangjam Manoroma but you never bothered. None of the national media bothered, no voice raised by any Bollywood actors. No Mahesh Bhat came, no Shahrukh Khan came, no voice raised by Shabana Azmi or any other Bollywood protesters.  And we suffered from boiling our blood, protesting nude, getting beaten for all the protests.

Raju Barua, Bhanimai Dutta or Thangjam Manoroma aren’t the examples with an exception. India, you have gang-raped and killed thousands of women in North-Eastern states in the last three decades with the help of Armed Forces Special Power Act(AFSPA). Decade long hunger strike unto death by Irom Sharmila never got any consideration from you, because you need to continue your colonial domination in North-Eastern states. So you need to rape and kill North Eastern women, kill its youths with the help of the license to kill by the fake encounter. You killed Parag Kumar Das because he raised the voice against your rape culture. India, you always opted in for the option to tackle insurgency in the North-East by putting pressure as gang rapes, fake encounters by the Indian army in the soil of North Eastern states.

From this Delhi, you signed every order for your brave(!) Indian Defense Forces to kill North Eastern people like cats and dogs, rape women to break the moral courage of North Eastern insurgents. From this Delhi, India, you did these all.

From this Delhi, you sent lakhs of defense forces to kill a few hundred(you claim it) militants in North-Eastern states and to rape their women. Your brave Indian army narrates with proud, how they rape the female militants or women here.

Now your own weapon is moving towards you. Save yourself India. Save yourself, if possible hide yourself, so that international communities can’t blame you for your shameful weapon.

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Gang Rape – Weapon of India against itself

By: Dhruba Jyoti Deka Read time: 17 min